Add Ons

Our *new* Add Ons are made with our Package Ladies in mind and will work alongside our Preconception, Prenatal, Postpartum, Well Woman + Littles Packages perfectly! They’re made to enhance + expand on the content already in our packages. Package Ladies always receive 50% off all Add Ons!

Smoothie + Shakes


Get 20+ recipes, the best smoothie making blueprints, shopping list, kitchen favorites, superfoods handout and more! 

Whole Wheat Sourdough


No luck finding 100% whole wheat sourdough at the market?! Same here! We had Jenna bake us up a recipe that is unlike any other. We love it and you will too. 



Fermented vegetables are one of the best ways to get naturally occurring probiotics + restore balance to your microbiome. You'll become an expert in not only sauerkraut making but other fermented vegetables too!

Cultured Diary

Image by Autumn Hassett

There are countless ways to culture dairy rendering it a gut friendly 

food; easy on the digestion + loaded with beneficial bacteria! You will be addicted to yogurt, kefir + more in the best way!

Baby Making


For the woman who wants to learn everything about she can in the beautiful season of TTC. Get an in depth knowledge on your hormones + monthly cycle and the play by play of your fertile window.

Bread Bundle


Let Jenna teach you how to make truly fermented + sourdough whole wheat and GF bread from scratch your family will love.

Gluten Free Sourdough


Can't tolerate gluten but still love bread?! Let Jenna teach you how to make a gluten free sourdough 

that will reunite you with your love for bread. 

Real Bone Broth


Homemade long simmered bone broths + meat stocks are some of the best foods for gut, immunity +  skin health and the nervous system. Learn how to make numerous kinds of broths and stocks on repeat. 

Traditional Foods Bundle


All traditional diets contained fermented vegetables, cultured diary and broths or stocks of some sort - get back to those roots and save when you buy all 3 of these add ons together!

Baby Spacing


This isn’t your great great grandma’s ‘rhythm method’ where you hope you’ve timed it right. FAM is an art + science perfectly put together and this Add On will teach you how to 'baby dance'.