Real Food for the Family


On-the-go organic + grass-fed meat, veggie + quality fat baby food. The only packs we 100% love! 15% off your order, happyhealthylittles

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Sun + Swell is a all organic shop for pantry staples! Plus, they are committed to 100% compostable packaging!

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Did you know many people who think they can't tolerate dairy can enjoy raw dairy and benefit from all it's nutritional benefits?! Raw Farm is our fav! 

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Sourdough baking is all about the starter! Jenna has mastered these dry starters that you get to bring back to life in your kitchen. Perfectly paired with our Sourdough Add Ons!

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 These puffs are made with bone broth, root veggies + olive oil. They are a huge hit with any toddler! 15% off your order, happyhealthylittles

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Our favorite place to get organic, sugar free, real food snacks that come in individual compostable packaging!

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With out a doubt the BEST bone broth we've ever tasted. Made with all organic ingredients including free-range chicken + grass-fed beef bones. This food = medicine.


Since not everyone can bake sourdough at home this is our favorite truly fermented gluten-free store bought bread + the cinnamon raisin is whole grain!

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