Our Team of Experts


Heather Famularo, Nutrition Consultant + GAPS Practitioner

Heather is a mom, Nutrition Consultant and certified GAPS Practitioner. After resolving her own health issues with the GAPS diet 11 years ago, she became passionate about gut health and how it affects every system of the body. Since then she has dedicated her nutrition practice to helping kids and adults on the GAPS diet. Seeing autistic kids begin to speak, use the toilet and live a pain free life is what inspires her every day! You can contact Heather or learn more about her at the Grounded Approach.

She is a master at making traditional foods and will make you one as well in our Sauerkraut + Real Bone Broth Add Ons!



Jennie Hannon, Nutrition Consultant

Jennie is a mom and Nutrition Consultant. She has been using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) since 2011 as both a tool for baby making + baby spacing. She loves educating and empowering women to embrace the beauty of their hormones + monthly cycles. She is truly an expert! Jennie's work can be found in our Baby Making + Baby Spacing Add Ons! Get in touch with Jennie or learn more about her at What's Good + Well.


Jenna Cohen, Professional Baker


Jenna is a mom + working professional turned baker! After giving up store bought bread in pursuit of true sourdough she started baking as a hobby, which quickly became her passion. Now she bakes + sells her bread weekly! Making real sourdough is an art, let Jenna teach you how to do it well with our Sourdough Bread Add Ons! Get in touch with Jenna or learn more about her at The Wheat Spot.

We have brought in women who are expects in their fields + crafts! They are the authors of our Add Ons which are the perfect  addition to our Packages to help you put everything we teach into practice.