What Women Say About Our Packages

"My baby and myself are both thriving in our postpartum period because of this package; I'm forever grateful for this wisdom and support!"

-Lindsay M.

"Over the past 4 years, Dani has provided me with tools and knowledge to become a more empowered, confident parent. She helped me through concerns we were seeing with my first two children and then worked with me through my next pregnancy. My third baby has had such an incredible start to life and am so thankful that now I have three happy healthy littles. She is a kind, highly informed expert in the field of nutrition and prevention and I am so grateful to have her on my wellness team."

-Jennifer F.


"I'm not currently pregnant, but I bought the Prenatal Package just to prepare my body for a hopeful next pregnancy and my general well being. My last pregnancy was really difficult on my body with a lot of nausea and heartburn issues so I am really thinking this will help! 


I am loving all the recipes and I feel as though it is a great resource I will keep referring to for years to come. Between the HHL supplements paired with the recommended diet I've notice I have more energy in the afternoons when I typically feel tired!"

-Britney B.

"I am so thrilled that the Postpartum Package came out in time for me to get prepped (1 month until baby’s #duedate) I have felt so overwhelmed with pregnancy, birth, and baby advice from friends, family, and professionals who have totally different ideas of what is ‘healthy’ than I do. It is such a relief to be able to get postpartum guidance from someone who I really trust. After working with Dani to get pregnant, and following her protocols as much as possible during pregnancy so far, I know that hers is the best advice I can get. I’ve been devouring everything the Postpartum Package has for ‘The Early Days’ since they are around the corner!”

-Hallie I.

"I've really enjoyed browsing through, and utilizing the advice and knowledge included in the Prenatal Package by Happy Healthy Littles. Dani and her team have transferred a great depth of knowledge in prenatal nutrition into a fun, informative, easy to read learning tool for pregnant women. I found the Nutrient Dense Principles, HHL Top Ten Tips, and Supplements sections especially helpful."

-Savannah S.

"Having worked with Dani prior to HHL, I am truly grateful for these packages. It has ALL the information I had gleaned over many years with my oldest kiddos and now available in a simple download. Even with my 4th child, I forget what I have been taught so having these to go back and reference have been so helpful. I also love that it has all the tried and true supplements so I know I’m not wasting money. And I love that I can now recommend it to friends and they can have the resources at their fingertips. Dani has been a lifesaver helping me with colic, reflux and sensitive stomachs with my littles, as well as making sure I’m getting the nutrition and support so I can take care of my littles. Plus I love now following them on IG and learning new things every week. Whitney, your fridge previews are my favorite."

-Danielle F.

"HHL is a truly refreshing, up to date and easily accessible program to help make sure I'm taking care of myself and my lil babe every day. The videos are great and the recipes are yummy. Even though I have a vast knowledge in nutrition, Dani and Whitney break it down into bite sized pieces that my brain can handle when it's not firing on all cylinders."

- Carolyn G.

"I just got my package and it's amazing! Simple, easy to use and you can always refer to the checklist throughout life for reminders or recipe ideas. This package is perfect for mom's in all stages. I literally have followed this care even before babies! I am a huge advocate for Dani, as my nutritionist, I literally would not have been able to get pregnant or have thriving pregnancies or babies without her care for the past 8 years. And now all of her gold, that is totally wisdom from Heaven, is in and affordable package through HHL. Dani and Whitney have teamed up together to make easy to follow guides for nutrition and overall lifestyle health just for you!"

-Lindsay M.

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