Non-Toxic Loves


Deodorant so pure you could eat it ;) Our number one non-toxic swap for women is always deodorant. 

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 Primally Pure makes the cleanest + most nourishing ingredient face + body products for for the entire family. 

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 Our favorite one stop shop for non-toxic home products. You will fall in love with the do-it-all concentrate and oxygen boost! This link saves you $10!


This sunscreen is the BEST! It's mineral based and made with non-nano zinc + California poppy. Smells like light citrus and goes on with limited white residue.


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These candles smell like heaven and are petroleum-free, phthalate-free and lead-free! 10% off your first order,  HAPPYHEALTHYLITTLES

"I literally can't live without my Beautycounter skincare + makeup. They have transformed the health of my skin and have become absolute highlights in my daily life. So thankful I took the plunge into using the highest quality nontoxic beauty care!"
-Sheryl R.

We'd love to help you with your journey to non-toxic, please contact us with questions!