Packages For Your Perinatal Years

Preconception Package
  • Walk away confident you've done what you can to get both him + her ready for the making of an extraordinary healthy baby.

  • Perfect for first time baby makers, those who have struggled with infertility and those who want to prevent issues they had in a previous pregnancy or with a previous little one.

  • Work to restore the most common nutritional deficiencies through a nutrient dense diet.

  • Learn how to best support healthy hormone production for both him + her.

  • Feel empowered with our nutritional protocols for PCOS, healthy ovulation + menstruation, adrenal fatigue, testosterone support and optimal sperm health.

  • Understand how your gut health will affect the health of your future baby. 

  • Resolve any gut issues with our 4R protocol, Upper GI + Lower GI protocols for reflux, gas + bloating, constipation, loose stool, candida, food sensitivities, leaky gut, eczema + psoriasis.

  • Prepare for baby by getting your home products + beauty routine green + clean.

  • Use our Detoxification Protocol to reduce your toxic load before conception which is no longer safe once you are pregnant.

  • Enjoy some of our best kept recipes for each section throughout your package.

  • Tried + True Supplement Handout for the highest quality supplements.


Prenatal Package

  • Walk away knowing the changes that are happening within as baby grows and your womb expands. 

  • Learn how to support baby's growth and development.

  • Let us teach you how pregnancy is unlike any other time, and why your nutritional demands are much higher. 

  • Feel confident with nutritional protocols for morning sickness, constipation, healthy weight gain, cravings, fatigue, anemia, muscle cramps, heartburn/reflux, GDM, and strep b. 

  • Prepare your birth canal with good bacteria in order to give baby the best chance at having optimal gut flora.

  • Get access to our top 10 lifestyle and wellness tips for pregnancy. 

  • Refer back to your nutritional needs checklist daily, making sure you are keeping up with the high demands of pregnancy.

  • Enjoy our favorite recipes for such a sacred time and know exactly what nailing a day should look like with our meal plan.

  • Tried + True Supplement Handout for the highest quality prenatal and other supplemental needs.


Postpartum Package

  • Walk away empoweredknowing how to best nourish yourself + baby through your first two years together.

  • Understand the changes that are going on in your body after baby is born; giving yourself freedom to say no when needed so you can say yes to you + your little's health.

  • Learn how to nutritionally support your body throughPPD/PPA, insomnia + weakened immune system.

  • Get access to our best kept nursing tips to keep up the good service for a ever demanding customer ;)

  • Our formula favorites for the bottle fed babe!

  • Have remedies to help heal mastitis, cracked nipples + the perineum for mom; diaper rash, eczema, colic/reflux, cold care, tummy troubles like constipation + loose stool for the little one!  

  • Baby's First Solids, what to introduce + when with recipes for every stage.

  • Adrenal Fatigue dietary + lifestyle recommendations to get those adrenals back! Plus tips for returning to pre-baby weight the healthy way.

  • Tried + True Supplement Handouts for both mom + baby, taking baby from 6 months to toddler-hood.


Pre + Postpartum Bundle

All the content from both packages, in one place, for a fraction of the price - save 25% with code babybundle  

when you bundle the Prenatal + Postpartum Packages together.

$149.99 ➡ $112.49

"My baby and myself are both thriving in our postpartum period because of this package; I'm forever grateful for this wisdom and support!"

-Lindsay M.