All-Natural Nature Spray

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

We love this seriously *natural* bug repellant that actually works, benefits your child's health and isn't destructive to the earth we live on. Just like we are often quick to slather on toxic chemical laden sunscreen in hopes to not get burned, we are often quick to reach for a bottle of DEET in the hopes to not get bitten. But, what if there truly is a safe option for both sunscreen + bug repellent that actually work? Read more on safer sunscreen here and below for how to keep the bugs away the right way ;)

If you've followed us for sometime now you know we are huge fans of all things Primally Pure. They truly make the best non-toxic deodorant on the market and many of their products are so pure you could literally eat them, not that you would want too ;). Primally Pure's Nature Spray is no different, it's made with nourishing + organic ingredients bugs can't stand that are actually good for you! Plus it smells like a dream so you will absolutely love slathering it on you + your little ones! It contains powerful essential oils of Citronella (proven ingredient to protect against mosquitoes bites), Cedarwood (effective against ants, ticks + other insects), Lemongrass (close cousin to Citronella and when together, they work even better!), Rosemary, Geranium, Peppermint + Wintergreen.

Of course this all-natural Nature Spray is powered without the use of aerosol which often contains highly flammable butane + propane and is DEET-free. DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) is a chemical known to be very harmful to our bodies, it is also absorbed through the skin and therefore passes into our blood. Medsafe reports "...cases involving higher DEET concentrations or more frequent applications include incidents of reproductive and developmental effects, placental transmission, and in rare cases, death." The EWG says "We urge consumers to handle DEET with caution. It is known to irritate the eyes and in intense doses it may induce neurological damage." And yes, it's known to melt plastic...yikes!

It's one product we do our best to avoid at all times if possible. Countries like Canada have even banned DEET products with concentrations over 30% and recommend children under 12 never use a higher concentration than 10%. In the US many of the DEET products on the market have 100% DEET concentration. So if you are going to use DEET please use with caution and choose a concentration less then 30%. Don't get us wrong if we traveled somewhere with terrible insect transmitted diseases we might be tempted to use a lower concentration DEET product. It is highly effective and we believe in life with everything you always have to weigh the pros + cons, knowing there isn't always a perfect solution. That said if we are just hoping to ward off pesky bugs in our backyards this summer - there is NO way DEET is coming anywhere near us or our families! So if you can find a safer all-natural option like this one, that is also great for pets, why wouldn't you give it a try? Plus you get 10% off your Primally Pure order with the one time code happyhealthylittles! We also love their deodorant, face serums + mists and entire baby line!

Xo Dani + Whit