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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The overall use of pesticides has gone up by at least 60 million lbs in the last few decades and the Environmental Protection Agency has identified that of these pesticides 165 are potentially carcinogenic. The FDA says 53 of these potentially carcinogen pesticides are used on our major field crops in the US. What's even more startling is that studies are finding pesticides in the placenta or cord blood of both pregnant women + newborns. Since choosing to buy + feed ourselves + littles organic food is a choice we can all be making, we consider it to be an extremely important one.

Organic produce isn't a new idea at all, it's going backwards to the way we always grew our produce, free of toxic and potentially carcinogenic pesticides; herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and miticides. It's also a commitment to enriching our soils instead of depleting them. Remember our produce only contains as many nutrients as the soil it's grow in. Studies consistently find that organic foods contain higher levels of nutrients compared to their conventional look-a-likes.

The results weigh in:

-One study compared 11 nutrients and in 61% of cases organic foods were nutritionally superior by at least 25% per nutrient (Benbrook et al., 2008)

-Other studies showed that organic tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, cabbage and onions contained 20% to 40% more antioxidants than conventional counter parts (Soil Association, 2007)

-An analysis of the present research available found that organic produce has significantly higher levels of antioxidants compared to conventional produce ( Baran´ski et al., 2014)

-higher antioxidants have also been found in various studies in organic apples, sweet peppers and berries

Since antioxidants protect our cells from damage by combating free radicals, the nasty guys that damage our cells, they are an important part of the discussion on cancer. Purchasing fruits + veggies that then carry the very free radicals they were meant to fight off within (because they are sprayed) is out right silly! Especially when it comes to our little ones who don't have as fully functioning detox pathways.

How to make the choice:

-Shop your local farmer's market or health food store and purchase organic produce

-Join a CSA: Community Supported Agriculture where you pay in to the farm and get a portion of what's coming off the farm each week

-Grow your own garden at home and involve your littles in this beautiful process

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Xo Dani and Whitney