Attention deficit?

Maybe it's not actually diagnose-able ADD/ADHD (or maybe it is?) maybe it's just that lack of attention or focus that drives you totally bonkers as a mom ... 'uum, why are your shoes not on? why is your lunch box still on the counter?' ... and your child's backpack is still on the floor while you're on the car ride to school. You did say it three times didn't you? Maybe it's a call from a teacher that your child just doesn't seem fully present or isn't listening well. Whatever it is, it's omega 3's that could help not only you as a mom but your child and their teachers.

In nearly all the literature and clinical research on children and brain health omega 3's are consistently mentioned, toted as being essential to optimal neuro health and continuously shown to increase IQ + cognition. I have personally experienced that each year when school starts multiple moms reach out to me to review what their child needs for focus. A more rigorous schedule with higher demands on the brain can make an attention deficit much more noticeable. Most kids are in school multiple hours each day and those little trying brains need all the support they can get!

My favorite all time study to show moms practically what omega's can do for your littles precious brain is the Oxford Durham Study. Demonstrated in the photos below you can see the incredible affect omega supplementation can have on child's cognitive skills. The photo on the left is before supplementation of omega 3's, both DHA + EPA, then 3 months later the photo on the right side shows what incredible improvement had taken place after supplementation (Ricahrdson, et al 2005).

This was truly a landmark study on omegas and children's brain health. It was also found the children gained 13 1/2 months of spelling and 6 months of reading in the 3 months time the study was done.

But wait, there's more:

-ADHD subjects studied had lower levels of omega 3's in their blood (Richardson, 2006) meaning they don't have these basic building blocks of brain support

-Another study showed significant improvement with high doses of both EPA + DHA in inattention, hyperactivty and oppositional defiant disorder in just 8 weeks (Sorgi, 2007)

-And if you are pregnant one study with 14,000 women + children found that women who ate 12 oz or less seafood a week were more likely to have children with a lower IQ than those who exceeded that amount. How much more if you're taking fish oil daily?! (ALSPAC)

So get your littles those omega's he or she so desperately needs. We recommend a total of 1,000 omega 3's daily preferably from cod liver oil which also contains cholesterol (a precurser to making neurotransmitters) but we understand that some littles refuse it. Try your best and watch Whit's Tip on giving CLO @happyhealthylittles. If no luck, we then recommend ProOmega 2000 Jr by Nordic Naturals. Two of those chewables daily nails it ;) the source of the fish used to make the oil is of extreme importance and sugary chewables don't mesh well with optimal mood + focus so watch out for those on the health food store shelves.

Xo Dani and Whitney