Little's Cold Care

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Back to school often means back to colds with the loads of germs exchanged from little to little. But with the right immune supportive 'goodies' you can properly tend to your little's needs when catching colds. If you're a mom who wants to avoid those gut wrenching abx's, frequent nebulizer treatments and the constant runny noses then read on; this blog's for you :)

Those daily 'goodies':

-Cod liver oil without question the most immune supportive supplement to be giving your child daily, full of omega 3's, vitamin A, D and K; if you can't get cod liver oil in then use these to at least be getting sufficient omega's.

-Methylated b vitamins which support a virus clearing pathway in the liver helping the body to rid itself of the virus more efficiently. Use a full spectrum chewable or powder multi-vitamin that contains the most superior form of methylated b vitamins as well as zinc, vitamin C and the other nutrients critical for immunity. The powder is good mixed in applesauce with honey or stevia to taste.

-Therapeutic grade probiotic containing multiple strains since 80% of your immunity resides in your gut and is based on your populations of beneficial bacteria. We recommend this for infants and this for momma's (especially if you are pregnant or nursing!).

-We also love Sambucus through the winter which is elderberry syrup and can be used daily as a little boost. It's actually great for mixing with cod liver oil to get your littles to take it. Also safe for pregnancy.

Now when those symptoms come on you gotta catch them as soon as they start; have your 'goodies' ready in your medicine cabinet at home all winter long.

Those specific 'goodies' for your littles every symptom:

-Runny noses require Sinupret Syrup which works amazing for clearing sinuses, so use this the minute that runny nose starts morning and night until gone.

-Coughs respond well to Bronchipret Syrup, which supports bronchial health, as soon as you hear that first cough. If that cough keeps your little up through nap or at nighttime use this one.

-Bothersome ears: Tried and true garlic drops.

-This throat spray works like a charm for really painful sore throats but usually only older kiddos tolerate the taste of this. But this tea is incredibly soothing with demulcents herbs that coat and protect from irritation. Add honey and lemon which are delicious but also medicinal. Last but not least who can go without some good ole lozenges.

Don't forget to keep your little warm, ditch the refined carbs + sugar, wash those hands (lather them in this hand sanitizer, especially if they are giving kisses to a littler one back home) and get adequate sleep.

Xo Dani and Whitney