Cold Care for the Family

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As we all start to plan + prep for the holidays (aka winter, nasty flu season + this darn never ending Covid) it's important to put our minds at ease knowing we are doing what we can to keep our immune systems strong + well supported (especially for our precious little ones!).

The colds, flus + viruses are probably going to start hitting your household, we wish it wasn't true but it is somewhat inevitable ;) We can't promise you that you won't get sick but we can promise you will be the best prepared possible when + if you do. Stock your medicine cabinet now! Don't wait til the symptoms arise and your immune system's already begun taking a hit. Plus, since Covid is making everyone crazy, immune supplements will be flying off shelves and backordered before you know it.

Let us help make stocking your medicine cabinet as easy as possible. All of our recommended immune support for moms, dads + littles can be found using the links below. You have to create an account to use Fullscript because it's a professional level online dispensary and not some silly third party seller offering you zero quality assurance. Trust us, it's worth it you'll see what we've been using for years to support immune health with our notes next to each supplement, plus we can send you a personal recommendation if you have any specific questions :) Fullscript carries hundreds of practitioner grade supplements and is the easiest + safest way for you to get quality assured products shipped straight to your door.

Immune Support for:



-Nursing Moms


-Moms + Dads

-COVID Specific (for those with high exposure or more concern about this novel virus)

Don't forget it is important to keep those hands 'clean' and free of germies, we love this hand sanitizer that helps defend against harmful bacteria and viruses with a potent blend of organic ingredients, including 63% grape alcohol + immune-boosting essential oils.

Xo Dani and Whitney

* We are not trained to provide medical diagnoses and no comment or recommendation should be misconstrued as a medical diagnosis or treatment.