Daily 'Detox' Habits

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Sometimes we don't realize that even little things can have a significant effect on our health. There are numerous daily habits that can positively impact your liver's ability to detox well. Some are in fact very simple + safe for littles too.

You may have noticed that limonene, an antioxidant from lemon peel supports multiple of your liver's detoxification pathways. Well, the lemon in water healthy habit does hold some truth to it! Freshly squeezed lemon juice is easy to add into your daily regimen in whatever ways best suit you and so is the peel. Add lemon juice and a bit of zest from the peel to your water bottle or tea, your salad dressings, favorite chicken dish or on top of soup.

Another simple habit that can make a profound impact on your liver is a tea containing one or more specific herbs that support your detox pathways. There are numerous herbs categorized as a cholagogues + choleretics, which means they support the flow of bile from your gallbladder + liver. Bile moves through your body binding + removing toxins with it, so increasing the flow of bile aids in ridding your body of harmful toxins that would otherwise linger around and burden your liver. Dandelion, burdock, milk thistle, artichoke leaf, aloe vera, ginger + turmeric are among some of the most potent cholagogues. Beets + radishes are the best foods and even olive oil helps increase bile flow. When adding foods or herbs that move bile be aware that too much too fast can result in nausea, not a bad sign but not fun so go slow.

You might find this one easy enough to add into you + your little's routine: a potent greens + antioxidant rich powder. Chlorella and other greens like barley, wheat-grass + spirulina are extremely cleansing and detoxifying. They contain potent phytonutrients which bind to toxins and remove them from your body. If you find a high quality one that is made well you should be able to sneak it into smoothies with fruit like berries, mango or banana without any complaints ;)

Now, we don't mean for you to begin including all of these habits every single day, just the ones that seem do-able and even enjoyable to you. Start slow and begin working some of these habits into your routine for you + your family this year.

Xo Dani and Whitney