Did you know your skin is a direct reflection of what's going on inside your gut? So lucky for us when we can't see inside your gut we can see your skin. If it's dry, overly sensitive or had bouts of eczema patches then your skin is trying to tell you something. Your gut (or your baby's) needs a little support.

Eczema is generally caused by what is commonly called today a 'leaky gut'. Your gut lining should be completely sealed and nothing in your gut should end up outside your gut in your blood stream. However, when we do too many things that cause stress to our guts (sugary diet, abx, lack of probiotics, etc) then we develop a weak and leaky gut lining. When this happens your immune system begins responding to everything that is now floating around in your blood stream, considering it's job is to attack and get out what's foreign your immune system is simply doing what it was made to do. What happens though is that your immune creates inflammation as it's responding to these foreign undigested foods particles and you see this inflammation in a break out in your skin called eczema. It's itchy and bothersome, especially to littles and is trying to telling you something you shouldn't ignore.

Sometimes it's the littlest changes that can make the biggest differences in our gut + skin health. I have seen numerous moms come to me with their littles suffering from eczema (even infants!) and the right dose of a therapeutic practitioner-grade probiotic can do wonders to provide them with relief.

If you are pregnant we highly recommend devouring all you can on gut health (our package!) and addressing not ignoring any gut + skin issues you may have. Baby will only have the beneficial bugs you have (unless of course you take a probiotic like we recommend and give one to your newborn). Newborns and infants do not have a fully functioning digestive system like ours, therefore what you consume (dietary + supplements) as a nursing mom can help to prevent gut + skin issues. Another critical time to help seal up that gut lining is the introduction of solids; what solids you introduce and when you introduce are both critical to the future of your littles health and digestion. You can learn exactly what foods to implement and when to introduce them in our Postpartum Package. Our package also contains a 'Tummy Troubles' section which includes all our protocols for eczema, as well as other digestion issues littles commonly struggle with, here you will find our favorite skin specific strain of probiotics that has been clinically shown to improve eczema (and colic strangely!).

Might have noticed we didn't even mention anything we recommend topically? That's because it's more of a gut issue remember than a skin issue. However, we LOVE pure and plain Shea butter for the dry scaly body, this one for that precious infant skin, and this for smothering directly on any eczema patches.

Now sometimes yes, it's much more tricky and does requires further gut testing to look deeper at what's going on and get to the root of the issue, if that's you or your baby then you deserve a consult.

Get that skin back momma ;)

Xo Dani and Whitney

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