Fats that Fuel

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Now when you eat your protein please add a fat that fuels ;)

Yes, we mean it, you need to be consuming a fat and protein at every meal during these critical years! So if your roasting that chicken Mommy do it with slabs of butter and a drizzle of olive oil too ;) When you consume the right fats your body will utilize them properly and they will not be stored as 'fat' at all. So moms when feeding your child ample fats be sure that you enjoy them as well, your body needs them to make hormones amongst a million other functions.

For optimal childhood development we will again be focusing on brain health. To put it simply your child's brain is a 'big blob of fat'. You will feed it well when you feed your child loads of fats. The fats the brain really loves are cholesterol and omega 3 fatty acids. Both of which only come from animal foods, another reason we believe a diet that includes animal products is essential for optimal childhood development. You can get omega 3's in the form of ALA from flaxseeds, chia or walnuts however this form of omega 3's must be converted first into EPA and then converted again into DHA to become biologically active, meaning able to be used by the brain. The conversion is simply inefficient for humans to acquire healthy enough levels of DHA. Both EPA and DHA are particularly critical for brain development, as well as immune, skin and heart health. This is why we recommend cod liver oil as the best way to get adequate omega 3's into your child's little brain, plus a daily boost of cholesterol ;)

Most American people fear cholesterol and consume less red meat, eggs and butter to 'get healthy'. But these are the very foods that provide support for neuro health especially in children! So while we list all sorts of types of fats below we begin the list with animal fats because again animal fats are amongst the most nutrient dense foods and are the very fats that fuel your child's brain best.

Fats that fuel:

-cod liver oil

-grass-fed butter/ghee

-other animal fats like duck fat, tallow, suet

-extra virgin olive oil

-coconut oil (unrefined)

-MCT oil

-avocados/avocado oil

-nuts/sees/nut butters


-anything coconut (coconut butter, shreds, milk, flour, etc.)

Indications your child is likely deficient in omega 3 fatty acids:

-depression and/or anxiety (yes it sucks but our children deal with this too)

-add/adhd, learning difficulties

-behavorial concerns

-sensory issues

-ezcema, dry skin or scalp

-constantly catching colds

-overweight or blood sugar irregularities

Indications your child needs more fats in general:

-all of the above

-always hungry

-ravenous at meals, insatiable

-craves sugar and carbohydrates

-'hangry' often ;)

'Mom brain' is an indication that you as a busy momma need more fats ;) that's why we plugged MCT oil for you above. It's one of the most readily absorbed fats for brain function.

Xo Dani and Whitney