Updated: Feb 10

We know better than any that there is a never ending, often confusing amount of information about what to use for this + that for fertility. We're here to simplify the myriad of fertility products out there as we outline our favorites from our trusted friends at Fairhaven Health.

Fertility Tools

A women's perinatal years are very sensitive. The season of TTC, carrying your baby in tow, birthing then nursing only to find it may be a little more difficult that you thought. With the right fertility tools for both him + her involved in the baby making we believe this season can be filled with grace and much more ease than if you didn't have them.

For Her:

- For those struggling with skipped, irregular menses or hormonal imbalances of any kind the right inositol supplement can work wonders. Inositol has consistently been shown to be effective in regulating the hormones that can derail healthy ovulation and menstruation, most notably insulin and testosterone. We always recommend woman take the highest quality form of inositol known as myo-inositol.

- Since you all know we love tea and it's about as natural as it gets we must rave about Fairhaven's FertiliTea which is a delicious blend of multiple herbs designed specifically for the TTC gal. These herbs like chasteberry + lady's mantle help a woman's body restore balance to her delicate hormones while red raspberry leaf is very strengthening to the female reproductive system.

- Even something as simple as using a lubricant can help immensely with conception! Not all lubricants are created with your husband's sperm health in mind but Fairhaven's BabyDance is truly fertility friendly, made without parabens or other toxins which would only hinder fertility further and mimics the pH of healthy vaginal fluid.

- Since understanding your monthly cycle and knowing when you ovulate (or if you do at all) is so important to conception you will absolutely need a thermometer. One that works well please ;)

- Ovulation + Pregnancy Test strips for the necessity of knowing when you can baby make and then when you have!

Too often woman carry the weight of their infertility but we know now that men can struggle with infertility issues as well. We constantly review sperm analyses to find the count dramatically lower than what was considered normal just a few decades ago let alone optimal! We believe strongly it takes two to tango and that there are many simple ways men can increase their sperm health to aid in conception.

For Him:

-Inositol can also be beneficial for men who struggle with hormonal imbalances, low testosterone levels or blood sugar issues like insulin sensitivity.

- CountBoost is a blend of vitamins, herbs + potent antioxidants that aid in increasing total sperm count in men with lower than optimal levels

- MotilityBoost is a more specific blend of nutraceuticals that support increased motility (movement + fluidity) in sperm

As always if you have questions about any supplements we recommend please just reach out!

Xo Dani + Whit