Foods that Cause Eczema in Babies

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

This seems to be the first question that arises when moms notice the first signs of eczema patches. So what are the foods that cause eczema in babies? And what part does food play in eczema?

Foods that Cause Eczema in Babies

Eczema is generally caused by what is commonly called a 'leaky gut', hence Dani's hand demonstration above ;) The skin actually just takes us straight to the gut. Your baby's gut lining should be completely sealed so that nothing in their gut 'leaks out' into their blood stream. However, when too many stressors (abx, conventional formulas, lack of probiotics + fermented foods, etc) have wrecked havoc on their gut lining then they develop a weak + leaky gut lining. Their immune system then begins responding to undigested food particles that are now floating around in their blood stream. Considering it's the immune system's job to 'attack' and get out what's foreign it's actually just doing it's job! Your immune system creates inflammation as it's response to these foreign undigested foods particles which breaks out in your baby's skin and is known as eczema. It's itchy and bothersome, especially to babies and is trying to telling you something you shouldn't ignore.

You can always begin by removing the most difficult to digest foods like gluten (wheat, rye, barley) and casein (milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese). These two proteins are quite problematic on the gut and weaken the digestion in general. However, an IgG Food Sensitivity test is how you identify which specific foods your baby's immune system is having a reaction to. This is how you pinpoint exactly what foods need to be removed for a time while you do the underlying 'gut healing'. Best part, strengthen the gut and seal up that gut lining once again; these food sensitivities generally resolve!

Does your baby have eczema or even just overly dry, cracked skin that you're ready to tackle head on? Then get started today with our Postpartum Package where you'll find all our protocols for babies with ezcema. This package covers everything for nursing mom + baby for the first two years of life. You can find ezcema recommendations for littles ages 3+ in our Littles Package.

We believe that the overly trendy elimination diets are exhausting on moms + families at large and show little results as you could be wasting energy + time eliminating foods your baby was never having a reaction to in the first place. We always recommend beginning by giving your baby all the deeper gut support needed which is laid out in detail in the above packages - after 9 years of practice we've seen these resolve eczema over + over again! If no improvement with these we then recommend moving on to ordering an IgG test, all information on ordering this test with us is found inside our packages.

Get that skin back mom ;)

Xo Dani + Whit