From the Breastaurant to Solids

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

If so much of our general health is based on our gut health wouldn’t it potentially carry tremendous weight what solids we first introduce to our babies? And when? I mean after all aren’t we putting food into their guts for the very first time!

Baby's actually do not have a fully functioning digestive system. That is to say, they do not produce the full spectrum of enzymes that will become present later on. Enzymes are one of the main ways our body's break down + digest food so if we are going to give our baby's food we should be sure they are able to digest it! Baby's will do best nutritionally to start solids around 6 months, especially to keep iron up and prevent anemia at such a critical time of development. At this time they have enzymes to break down proteins + fats, but not the enzymes for complex carbs (aka grains). So we say ditch the rice cereal recommendation for nutrient dense foods like home made long simmered bone broth + egg yolk + ghee and easily digestible foods like butternut squash + zucchini + carrots. This is how you maintain a balanced + healthy gut for your little one with beaming populations of beneficial bacteria.

Our Package outlines all of that which we’ve seen + heard about solids. From the Weston A Price Foundation ➡ Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (our go to authority on gut health for littles) ➡ the pediatric medicine conferences Dani's attended ➡ the countless littles she's worked with introducing solids (most very sensitive babies) and we can confidently say our approach to solids is research oriented, science based + well rounded.

And yes you’ve got the Littles that need extra attention when it comes to solids because they trend toward constipation or blowouts ;) or just terrible baby gas. Or ezcema + rashes! But with the right guidance of what to put in + when to put it in, then your baby too can thrive.

We’ve not only outlined a timeline for introducing solids from 5+ months all the way to a year but included 8 recipes and the protocols for 'Tummy Troubles' that might occur along the way.

Whatever it is you may need in regards to what the heck you should be feeding this new little one of yours, we’ve got it for you moms, all in our Postpartum Package.

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Xo Dani and Whitney