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Our Fullscript Catalog is an explosion of *top of the line* practitioner grade supplements, clean + green home + body, natural food products and so much more! We've made accessing our catalog easier than ever for moms and even offer a special deal for moms who have our packages! Haven't we said enough?

Fullscript Catalog

Instead of browsing the aisles in confusion looking for the best sale tag at your local health food store why don't you let us direct you to exactly what you need ;) and tell you why it's remarkably *better*.

We'll start with probiotics, those good bugs that live in your gut keeping your gut, immunity, hormones and brain healthy! Yes your gut is interconnected to all those systems. Most probiotics on the health food store shelves have around 4-5 different strains of good bacteria, but some even just 1-2! Your body has 300-500 different strains of good bacteria so you can see how supplementing only 5 would have little impact. This is one of the many reason we only recommend therapeutic grade, multi strain probiotics that have at least 10 different strains and upwards of 20+ billion CFU, even 50 billion for dealing with trickier gi issues. As for the CFU on health food stores brands a measly 1-5 billion is the average you'll find. Again, you can see how much more potent therapeutic grade probiotics are! Browse our recommended probiotics from infancy through adulthood.

Now for prenatals + multis. The #1 most important component of your prenatal or multi is the specific type and dosing of methylated b vitamins it contains. Many of us are walking around with genetic mutation on our MTHFR snip which makes processing any other type of folate or b12 than the methylated type extremely difficult. Folic acid and cyanocobalamin are common unmethylated forms and can be quite problematic for those who do suffer from MTHFR mutations. This makes for hormonal imbalances, neurological concerns, nervous system disarray amongst so many other issues - all the same issues from chronically depleted b12 levels which happens easily from not taking the methylated form of b12 as well. Simply choosing a prenatal or multi that contains both folate + b12 in their most superior methylated forms can make a profound difference in your health and that of your future baby if you're pregnant or nursing! See our favorites for prenatals + multis for littles and adults.

Lastly for omegas, the anti-inflammatory fats that your body desperately needs you to consume daily in supplemented form! Yes, you do not make these fats and you can not get enough in your diet as they are not readily supplied. Wild salmon, flaxseeds, chia + walnuts are good sources and we recommend consuming them all regularly but they could never provide enough for your body to have optimal levels of both DHA + EPA. Which is why omega supplementation becomes a critical component of your daily supplement routine. Besides supplementing with omegas goes back 100s of years even your great grandma knew she had to take her Cod Liver Oil to stay healthy! Again, find our recommendations for omegas for babies, pregnancy, pediatric age littles + adults.

These are just our basic supplements for all, meaning yes we do recommend for optimal health and the prevention of modern disease that everyone take a multi with methylation, omega's + therapeutic probiotic daily! Fullscript houses thousands of other supplements - use this link to browse some of our favorites or use Fullscript's own Catalog on the top left of your home page.

HHL's online nutrition packages link directly to your Fullscript account making finding the supplements you + your family need incredibly easy like we said ;) Using that link you can find out what special deal we offer with our packages - trust us, it's worth checking out!

Xo Dani + Whit