Healthy Snacking Tips

Toddlers + littles love their snacks, all moms know this well and with summer in full swing most moms are living on the fly with snacks in hand! Or realizing they should be ;) So we're sharing our top *three* healthy snacking tips so that you're sure to snack with your little one's best nutrition in mind.

Healthy Snacking Tips

1. Snacks are not meals!

Yep you heard us right, snacks do not take the place of nutrient dense meals. Instead snacks should act as a bridge between meals getting you from one meal to the next, keeping blood sugar steady and your littles from erupting in a 'hangry' fit. That said when snacks start to take the place of meals (we see this all the time!) littles usually aren't getting enough protein + fats and they end up consuming too much sugar. Even if it's 'good' sugar from organic dried mango, sugar is still sugar and too much of it without protein + fats throughout the day to balance it will lead to blood sugar spikes, gut-flora imbalances and leave their little brains begging for more nutrition.

2. Combine fresh fruit or veggies with a protein or fat.

Foods that come in their own wrapper are always best ;) When possible reach for fresh fruit or veggies to snack on. Just make sure you are pairing these high fiber foods with a quality fat or protein. Think apple slices + cheddar cheese, celery with nut butter, berries + fresh made whipped cream, cucumber with hummus or bell pepper slices with guacamole.

3. Be prepared!

The most important tip we have for healthy eating with little ones is to be prepared. When you are well stocked you are setting yourself + little up for success. As a mom and working with many moms we are well aware how challenging it is to say 'no' to a toddler wanting their friends goldfish at the park when they are hungry, especially when you don't have another option. So make sure you're the mom at the park with a backpack full of snacks your little one loves, so you won't have to worry about them wanting everything their friends have that you might not love as much as they do ;)

Now for the fun part, head to our Healthy Toddler Snacks blog for the low down on all the littles approved salty + sweet treats that aren't laden with nasty oils, nasty sugar + nasty refined flours.

Xo Dani + Whit