'Healthy' through the Holidays

As we head into the craziness of Thanksgiving then Christmas we've got lots of family + friends, dinners, parties, and later nights than usual ahead of us. Plus lots of sugary treats and a momma's favorite... germs. Keeping yourselves and your kids healthy through the holidays isn't rocket science but does require a little attention to detail as the craziness continually swirls around us ;)

Your littles will benefit immensely from some ongoing immune support through this season and they need you to help them get that. Sambucus + cod liver oil is the easiest way to get both of these incredibly immune strengthening supplements into your little one. Take a tsp of each, mix up and serve! Most littles take this down happily, but if your child is a bit more picky, have no fear, add to apple sauce for a after dinner treat and they won't even taste the CLO! This should be daily regardless of sniffles or coughs or other cold symptoms, you'll want their immunity up during this season. You can be ready for sniffles though when they do hit with this herbal syrup and we recommend tackling coughs the moment they start with this. Those can also be taken together morning and night until your kiddo is back to his or her healthiest self. When the cough lingers and disrupts sleep use this one which contains specific herbs + spices for calming that persistent + irritated cough.

If you have littles that end up really wiry after late nights or that just don't calm down well after having too much fun (aka too much stimulation) then this combination of sleep support should help do the trick to getting them to bed on an 'out of routine' night. I have found this to be incredibly helpful and only necessary for a couple nights here and there to get your little back on track. Also great for littles who don't sleep well on airplanes, in hotels or in places that they don't call home.

Now mom, you need to keep your adrenals strong or the busy-ness will get the best of you, so please take a moment to step away from it all and rest. Make a warm cup of an adaptogenic tea that helps calm your adrenals and settle that high cortisol you're gonna be running on. Holy basil tea is our favorite and I have made a habit of drinking this every night. Whit isn't only because she's pregnant, sorry mommas with a little inside but not until after baby comes is holy basil safe for you ;)

Adaptogenic, calming tea flavors:

-Honey Chamomile


-Sweet Rose

-Turmeric Ginger

-Lemon Ginger

-Stevia or honey to taste

If you don't want to mess around with tea you can also take our favorite adaptogen in a capsule too. Not gonna lie, I'm taking this with my tea each night right now cause I want to stay ahead of all the go-go-go that's about to start.

Lastly, both mom + littles should be lathered in this hand sanitizer before you head to all those dinners or shopping outings, it smells amazing and fights off all those germs! If you're a momma that likes to host you can also use this to clean all those child friendly areas after your guests take their littles back to their house ;)

This blog series will continue with our holiday favorite foods + meals as well as stocking stuffers for littles + healthy sweet treats, so see you next week for more :)

Xo Dani and Whitney