Holistic Sun Care Tips

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Did you know the suns rays are the best all natural source of bio-available vitamin D?! Yes the vitamin that is critical for calcium absorption, immune + neurological health, bone strength and fertility can be consumed right in your backyard. That said there can also be too much of a good thing and we have all seen the negative effects to our skin from UV rays. Let's dive in and review how you can protect you + your littles delicate skin this summer holistically!

Our *top* holistic sun care tips:

  1. Eat your sunscreen! Sunburns are an inflammatory process so it makes sense that our diet can literally affect how bad we 'burn'. Stop eating the Standard American Diet of white carbs, white sugar + processed oils which cause inflammation and start eating plenty of healthy fats along with abundant vegetables + fruits throughout the summer.

  2. Focus on eating saturated fats from ghee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil + grass-fed meats, monounsaturated fats from avocado + olives and omega 3s from wild fish, walnuts, flax, chia + truly pastured eggs if you are hoping to protect your skin this summer. Yes you heard us right, fats literally help protect the integrity of every cell in your body and are a critical component to healthy skin.

  3. Along with quality fats, enjoy bright colored fruits + veggies rich in antioxidants throughout the summer, in general the more color the more antioxidants. Lycopene which is found in tomatoes has even been proven to reduce the photoaging effects of the sun! These foods will help with inflammation and will naturally protect your skin if you're spending lots of time in the sun. So many of the best foods for protecting our skin from burns are from the tropics or are grown in the summer; coconuts, tomatoes, berries, etc. God is really the great physician!

  4. Take Cod Liver Oil daily! It's the world's best source of omega 3s and is a superfood for skin integrity + health. Everyone should be consuming this daily, but especially pregnant + nursing mommas and little ones. Don't skip it in the summer when you're busier, use the gel caps if needed for traveling.

  5. For you moms, we also recommend using a topical antioxidant rich serum or lotion daily on your face. Your face is taking the hit from the sun constantly, especially if you're a mom outside with your little ones! Sun damage = aging. Antioxidants = anti-aging. Whit loves the Counter+ All Bright C Serum which is rich in vitamin C for post sunshine nourishment. While Dani's skin tends to be very dry in the summer and she literally can't go without the Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream morning + night.

  6. Enjoy some time each day in direct sunlight without a physical blocker, this can be even just ten minutes. That said everyone is different and of course someone with more melanin in their skin is going to be able to spend more time in direct sunlight without burning. Time of day is also important for sun exposure, we recommend getting your daily dose of sunshine in the morning or evening when the suns rays are not as intense. Listen to your body + skins ques and decide what is right for you.

  7. Find shade whenever you can and always wear large brim hats + rash guards when you are going to spend long amounts of time in the sun. Both are highly effective at protecting your skin, are a one time cost and provide the best coverage. Let's be honest when we use sunscreen we always miss a few spots.

  8. Last but certainly not least, choose a mineral based + ocean safe sunscreen that is free of fragrance (an ingredient that is common in even 'natural sunscreens' and can literally be the ingredient name masking 100s of different toxic chemicals). Swapping out your conventional sunscreen and finding one that is safe + works is most critical for littles since their detox pathways have a harder time removing nasty toxins than adults do. More on this in our blog 'Let's Talk Safer Sunscreen'!

Enjoy the summer sun the right way ;)

Xo Dani and Whit