How to Eat Like a King on a Paupers Budget

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

If there is one thing we have down it’s eating the highest quality + nutrient dense food on a budget. Whitney has been following Dave Ramseys principles for years now + Dani‘s just always been a 'saver' and food is one area we both won’t skimp on! Being nutritionist and working with so many families we see daily how important the quality of our food is for our health. Here we share how we are able to eat like kings without breaking the bank!

Join a CSA!

Community Supported Agriculture removes the middle man so you can buy directly from the farmer giving you the freshest produce at the best price. Joining a CSA is absolutely one of our top tips for making sure you are eating plenty of veggies, supporting local farmers + SAVING MONEY! Buying 'organic' can get expensive, as I'm sure you have all heard Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck ;) but there is a whole world 'beyond organic' where you can save money when you find your local farmer + support what is directly coming off the farm. We both have personally felt that we couldn't possibly go without our box at this point considering the savings, how much longer the produce lasts, plus taste and quality. It's definitely a win-win and so rewarding to cook through your box of veggies each week.

Buy in bulk and shop from your freezer!

This is one of the best ways to save a pretty penny. Grass-fed meat, pasture raised chicken and wild fish will quickly eat up your entire budget, but we have learned you can save if you are willing to buy more up front. Dani is always searching for the best deal and Whitney loves Belcampo. We both do our best to keep our freezers stocked so when we are looking at what to cook for the week ahead we can go there rather then the grocery store. This not only saves money but time as well!

Dani will often buy whatever she's sees is quality and on sale. For example if Whole Foods is having a sale on grass fed ground beef she will stock up and buy 5-10 lbs then freeze in 1 lb portions! Whitney always looks for 20% off coupons to Belcampo then stocks up big time (sometimes even every other month). Whitney does her best to plan ahead knowing a few meals her family will eat on repeat. For example they love tacos so she makes sure they always have a few different meats frozen that work for tacos like pork butt or ground beef.

Of course also remember the quality of your meat is far more important then the cut of meat. We eat a lot of ground beef and ground turkey simple because they pack in the punch nutritionally and won't leave your wallet drained like a fillet mignon ;)

Utilize Online markets like Thrive + Azure Standard

If you have little kids they are most definitely going to want snacks, which we all know can get very pricey especially if you are buying the real food kind. We love Thrive Market because you can find quality organic + real food chips, crackers, cereal, bars etc for a fraction of the grocery store price. Not to mention it comes straight to your front door and as a mom with three littles that is worth its weight in gold!

Azure Standard isn't for everyone, but you’ll save big time if your willing to try it. Azure is an online market that has monthly drop offs. Which means you can place your order then drive maybe 5-15 minutes to pick it up once a month at the drop off. It's without a doubt the best way to buy bulk. Both Dani and Whitney purchase 50 lb bags of millet, quinoa + legumes that lasts the entire year. Its also a wonderful place to get your olive oil, ghee, apple cider vinegar and other condiments that don’t spoil easily and are regularly used.

Meal Plan + Prep!

Pick one day each week to meal plan + prep. For us this is usually the day we get our CSA box. First write down all the meals you plan on making that week. This probably looks like 2-3 breakfasts, 2-3 lunches + all your dinners.

For example:

2 Breakfasts on rotation:

Eggs + avocado + tomatoes

Power smoothie w/ whey protein + greens

2 Lunches on rotation:

Chicken salad w/ simple mills crackers + veggies

'Danis everyday' salad with sausages + quinoa


Monday: Chickpea curry over rice w/ avocado

Tuesday: Ground turkey skillet

Wed: Shredded beef tacos

Thursday: Leftovers (shredded beef tacos)

Friday: Belly Bowls w/ jammy eggs

Saturday: Eating out :)

Sunday: Chickpea pasta w/ bolognese

Then start prepping! Wash + chop veggies, make sauerkraut (if running low), cook a batch of quinoa in bone broth for lunches, move the meats you are going to enjoy from your freezer to refrigerator and make nut milk for your smoothies. Once you have meal planning down this will help you save time + money because you won't find yourself out and about hungry with no food - when you’re more likely to splurge.

Hope these tips help keep you and your family nourished no matter what your food budget is :)

Xo Dani and Whitney