Let's Talk Safer Sunscreen

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Let's talk about sunscreen! There are countless sunscreens on the market; conventional ones laden with carcinogens, 'natural' ones that are faking it and contain many nasty ingredients as well and then the ones we love that apply well + truly keep it 'clean' ;)

Generally speaking there are two types of sunscreens; chemical + mineral based. When in doubt our top suggestion is to always pick a mineral based sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens filter the suns rays by literally creating a chemical reaction! They absorb the UV rays then convert them into heat which is then released by the skin. So your skin may not burn when wearing these, but it's at the cost of slathering toxic chemicals all over which is not worth it considering there are safe options that truly get the job done. Not to mention chemical based sunscreens are destroying our oceans, lakes + reefs and we know all moms + dads want their children + the next generation to be enjoy Gods great gifts of nature their entire lives.

What ingredients to avoid when choosing a sunscreen:

  1. Oxybenzone or benzene is a chemical that is often used in sunscreens that is also quickly absorbed through the skin and some studies have even shown it to be in the blood weeks after topical use. It's a known endocrine disruptor, allergen and has been linked to having negative cardiovascular effects + organ system toxicity. It's also a carcinogen, meaning its linked to cancer cell formation. This article shares the importance of using a trusted sunscreen made without cancer-causing chemicals. We just don't think it makes any sense to use a carcinogenic ingredient on ones body at the hopes to prevent another type of cancer!

  2. Octinoxate can cause reproductive toxicity + also disrupt hormones. Hawaii along with multiple countries have even banned the sale + use of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate due to the destruction of coral reefs + aquatic life.

  3. Aerosol sunscreen 'mists' + sprays often contain highly toxic chemicals to help power the spray. Many of these toxins are neurotoxins that we are inhaling when using the spray! Propane + butane are commonly used to powder aerosol mists are highly flammable, definitely not something we suggest spraying on your children.

  4. Fragrance is an ingredient we always do our best to avoid and it is almost always found in most popular sunscreens today. 1000's of chemicals can be masked with the ingredient label 'fragrance', so you really have no idea what you are putting on your body. Why would these companies not just disclose the ingredients for what they are, not as 'fragrance', seems a bit fishy?!

Mineral based sunscreens act as a physical block to the suns rays. Non-nano zinc refers to larger particles that cannot penetrate your skin making it the safest choice for you and your littles. Mineral sunscreens made with non-nano zinc are wonderful for kids + grownups alike! However, the problem with most mineral based sunscreens on the market is they can be very thick in consistency and leave a white residue which is a huge turn off for most people. If you don't enjoy wearing it and your kids fight you every time you want to put it on, you will be much more less likely to actually use + wear sunscreen which will be detrimental to your skins health. So do your best to find a mineral based stick that goes on almost clear and without a fight!

We love Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreens because they are a safer option for you + your family and the formulation is incredible. They are made with non-nano zinc and yet somehow don't leave you looking like a ghost! The entire line never contains oxybenzone, octinoxate, aerosol or fragrance. It's broad spectrum, meaning it protects against UVA (think aging) and UVB (think burning) rays, while many sunscreens on the market only protect against UVB rays. It goes on smooth, feels weightless and smells divine. Beautycounter sunscreen is truly the best working + safest option we've found for ourselves + loved ones and what we will be using all summer. Best of all their is a sunscreen for every occasion; the mist (air-powered) + stick are great for littles who are always running wild (all about that quick application), the daily face SPF is perfect for Mom + Dad (very lightweight + not greasy), and the 'all in one' nourishing lotion (pictured above) is our choice for long days at the beach + lake (our absolute favorite because its so hydrating + nourishing to the skin).

We hope you're soaking up so much vitamin D while enjoying the sun in a safe way, read this blog for our Top Holistic Sun Care Tips! If you want to learn more about vitamin D and why it's also critical read this blog post for an in depth review.

Xo Dani and Whit