Let's Talk Vitamin D

We, like so many other holistic nutritionists recommend supplementing this ever so critical vitamin daily. While most of us are aware that our skin does in fact absorb vitamin D from the sun this source hasn't proved to be sufficient considering that deficiency remains a common concern.

Up to 90% of pregnant woman can be deficient in vitamin D which should be startling to anyone. It's vital for optimal fertility, your immune system, bone strength, neurological health and so much more. Depression has been linked with vitamin d deficiency and momma's know come post birth you do not need any increase in those postpartum blues. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics now recognizes that breast-fed infants need supplementation in order to prevent deficiency. A Nutrition Research study found that up 42% of American Adults were deficient in vitamin D - that's almost half of us! Women in particular become vulnerable to the ails of vitamin d deficiency as they age because of the correlation with osteoporosis. While so much of the talk around osteoporosis, fractures + broken bones used to center on calcium we're finding more + more it's being diverted to vitamin D as vitamin D is how the body actually gets calcium into your bones. To us it's clear - vitamin D is crucial to optimal health from infancy through adulthood.

Since vitamin D is needed we believe that vitamin D testing is also Needed ;) and we're so thankful that testing has been made extremely easy for our momma's + their little ones! Needed's at home Vitamin D testing kits are fast, easy to use, inexpensive and ship free! We've even got a discount code for ya - happyhealthylittles will take 20% off your first order of kits so if you're a mom of many you'll save if you order them all together.

We have *updated* all our recommendations for vitamin D supplementation which can be viewed under our Vitamin D protocol on Fullscript. These recommendations work alongside our supplement recommendations and are not meant for use with other prenatals or multi's.

*Please note we are no longer recommending Hi-Po Emulsi-D3 Liquid by Designs for Health due to the potential confusion on dosing. If you have this supplement be absolutely sure you are taking 1 teeny tiny raindrop size drop NOT the whole dropperful (which would be 1ml). Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this.*

Xo Dani and Whitney