New Year's Resolutions

We all too often get ready for the New Year as the time when we'll finally 'get on track' or when we'll do that detox or that diet plan we've been thinking on. We splurge through the holidays and don't like how we feel when they're over. What resolutions are you thinking about making this new year in regards to your health? Are you happy about the way you feel or the way that you look? When we think about making New Years Resolutions related to our health what is truly good for our bodies? What is actually going to be sustainable + lasting? Which habits should you take care to build + maintain?

For one, we are not advocates of any particular diet nor of 'dieting' in terms of minimizing calories or counting carbs. We LOVE food and we want you to also! Diets don't work anyways, they are entirely unsustainable, put a stress of on your entire endocrine system and often wreck havoc on your thyroid, plus they rarely give people the results they boasted about. Most detox plans out there aren't much different. They are often harsh and too strenuous on the body, especially for women, who's adrenals tend to be more sensitive and are usually a little under supported as it is ;)

We do however think it's incredibly important that you take time each year to support your body's natural detoxification pathways and clean out those toxins we are all carrying around. In this toxic world we live in, I have yet to ever see a urine test without some levels of toxins (littles, moms + dads). I've looked at hundreds of these, in fact on a population of people who live a more 'clean' lifestyle that most. The conclusion is in; we need to support the clearing of these toxins through our body's pathways already set up to naturally do so (and we need to be doing this before we conceive!).

Trust us mom, we think you look great, we know that you might not feel that way and that a little detox could help get you where you'd like. After all, toxins are stored in our bodies 'fat stores' and can contribute to weight we'd rather not be carrying. Your littles detox pathways need all the help they can get as well so consider taking time to make changes that could really benefit you + your family.

For making lifestyle changes towards a healthier you this New Year's review these blogs and get your food, beauty + home products as clean as you can. For dietary changes that become a way of life for both you + your littles (plus your hub!) review our Nutrient Dense Diet blog series.

Stay tuned our next blog series cover the nitty gritty of supporting your specific detox pathways!

Xo Dani and Whitney