Persistent Coughs

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

This is about the time of year that I am constantly hearing about little ones with that nasty persistent cough that just won't clear (often post flu). Like with any natural product you find at a health food store, there are a million different cough syrups claiming they'll work. Honestly there's really only a few key products I have found in practice actually do the trick and when used in conjunction with an immune supportive diet they usually clear that cough in no time.

First you need a decongestant that will break up any nasal mucous and dry out the sinuses altogether. Post-nasal drip will only further irritate and perpetuate a cough. Sinupret is a potent blend of medical plant extracts combined into a syrup that works well for this.

Second you need an expectorant, something that actually breaks up the mucous in your respiratory tract so that you can get it out of your system. Mucinex might be what your used to using because you think it's the only thing that works. Well I urge you to try a syrup with ivy leaf extract. This potent herbal extract has been clinically shown to help improve coughs in numerous different ways.

This mighty little leaf:

-Has been shown to reduce the major symptoms involved with bronchitis such as rhinitis, cough and viscous mucus. In this study using ivy leaf extract on pediatric children over 90% of cases had a reduction in symptoms previously listed, concluding that ivy leaf extract is both an effective + safe treatment of cough in children (Schmidt M, et al 2012). Reassuring for moms!

- Showed improvement in coughs again in over 90% of subjects along with improvement in chest pain (from productive cough) in over 80%, in wheezing in just about 90%, and in reducing fever in over 90% as well (Schönknecht K1, et al 2017). Impressive numbers!

-In regards to kids with asthma, productive and lingering coughs can be quite problematic. In this review ivy leaf extract had positive effects with respect to improving the respiratory function of children with chronic bronchial asthma (Hofmann D, et al 2013).

Coughs like fevers tend to get worse at night. Ugh for both a tired mom + dad. So we recommend using this cough syrup which is incredibly soothing and works wonders so your little can sleep without being disturbed by a cough. The combination of honey, spices + medicinal herbs calms and coats the irritated respiratory system perfectly. You can also use before your little goes down for nap, which any sick or recovering kiddo needs desperately.

All of the above work great for mom who might have that same lingering cough her little does ;) Add them to your Fullscript cart here.

Xo Dani and Whitney