Post Flu/Viral Recovery

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

This is about the time every year when most families need a little immune boost and I say families because mom + dad can need it just as much as the littles do! Having the flu, high fevers, low appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or any other symptoms nasty viruses bring with them can really deplete your system. If your household got hit hard this season and someone's just not quite feeling themselves again, then read on, a little targeted nutrition + nourishing food can do wonders to a run down immune system.

One of the most immune supportive + restorative foods post flu is ghee + grass fed butter. These foods contain plentiful fat soluble vitamins, the ones your immune system thrives on and when the cattle are raised on pasture the butter is rich in omega 3's as well. Your immune system will always thrive on having sufficient omega 3's coming in your diet regularly. Not to mention omega 3's help keep inflammation at bay!

Ghee + grass fed butter also help to lubricate an irritated stomach + gut lining if that kind of flu went through your home. A good strong therapeutic grade probiotic is also key if your digestive system has not quite yet returned back to it's norm (aka your bowels are still loose which does happen often). Use a chewable probiotic to restore healthy bacteria as well if any of your littles had to have one or more rounds of abx this winter season.

High fevers can run your system so dry and rapidly burn up your vitamin A levels, so of course our favorite cod liver oil helps replenish after those fevers have run their course. Just one tsp a day does the trick for any one over the age of one. Cod liver oil can help prevent the flu or viruses so regardless it's an essential component to your immune system!

Protein, protein, protein; another I never stop going on about! Your immune system simply can not function without it though! Proper amino acids are critical to post flu/viral recovery. For growing children who end up really sick they can get quite set back, we recommend adding in a 'protein boost' to their Nutrient Dense Diet for replenishment. We love collagen (plain or vanilla) or grass-fed whey (vanilla or chocolate) neither are overly filling for the little one with a lower appetite after being sick. Add to any of Whitney's smoothie recipes from @happyhealthylittles for some inspiration!

We couldn't finish this blog without mentioning sleep as well. A good thorough, uninterrupted night's sleep does wonders for restoring your immune system so get your littles to bed early and follow suit :)

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Xo Dani and Whitney