They're the beneficial bacteria that reside in our guts, keeping our GI tract healthy and our immunity thriving. They’re traditionally found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, lacto fermented vegetables, yogurt, kefir, kombucha and other fermented beverages. In our modern world they are also found on the grocery store shelves in what we call ‘supplements’. Often made specifically for different needs + stages of life, any little or mom can find them helpful for a number of different issues. Without them it would take years + years to recover healthy gut flora + heal the gut through diet alone.

Probiotics are a total game changer for the baby delivered via c-section. They are an incredible bonus to the breastfeeding momma and truly a lifesaver for the the little with digestive issues.

While there are many brands on the market containing varying strains + quantities, most health food store grade probiotics will run shy of being therapeutic. They're fine and in no way harmful, but are they really doing the nitty gritty work of cleaning out bag bugs + yeast and helping your little to actually inoculate the good bugs? This is why we always recommend choosing the highest quality practitioner grade supplements in your perinatal years since nutrition + gut health matter so immensely.

Klaire probiotics contain most of the strains available on the market for supplementation in therapeutic doses for infants through adulthood. I am unbelievably impressed with the results I have seen with Klaire probiotics in my practice and in the countless stool studies of mom, dads and littles alike.

What we recommend from Klaire: -Preconception (mom + dad)/Prenatal/Nursing: for those who have a sensitive stomach we use the Lactoprime Plus, otherwise we love the Therbiotic Complete -Ther-biotic for Infants (especially those delivered via c-section, had abx at birth, or formula fed) -Toddlers do best on Children’s Chewable

We also use specific strains of probiotics for various different concerns like colic, thrush, yeast overgrowth, eczema, acute diarrhea and much more all outlined in our packages.

We are huge advocates for fermented foods as part of a nutrient dense diet daily for both mom + baby. But without modern day probiotic supplementation I would not have seen so many moms + babies thrive as I have. In this precious time of starting a life and initiating the inoculation of beneficial bacteria in the gut wall it would be most wise to include a multi strain therapeutic grade probiotic in conjunction with that kraut + homemade yogurt.

Whitney can speak to how fun it is to add the juice from kraut to babies firsts, just a 1/2 tsp is plenty! Babies need to get exposed to sour + other different flavors early on. When looking for a quality store-bought kraut (that is full of beneficial bacteria) look for one that does not have added vinegar, the ingredients should be simply; cabbage (+ other veggies), salt and spices or herbs.

Xo Dani and Whitney