Specific Supplementation

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Now, we know and understand that the supplement industry has become a huge money maker. We are not 'pill pushers' by any means and we certainly hope that our HHL moms never feel that way ;) However, we do believe that specific supplementation as part of a Nutrient Dense Diet is the best way to support your child through these years of growth and development.

Methylation - MTHFR? Moms are you familiar with this gene that often carries a mutation? If you are not, stay tuned we will talk much more about this in the months to come on this blog. For now think of it like this: MTHFR is a detox pathway in your liver that moves out toxins, supports the clearing of viruses as well as numerous other necessary functions. Simply put, most of our children are walking around with a genetic mutation affecting their ability to 'methylate' folate and b12. When we gently support this pathway we give our littles a chance at optimal health :) The best way to do that is to be sure that your child's multivitamin contains both of these nutrients in their most active form.

Cod Liver Oil - We might sound like a broken record but until every child is getting a daily teaspoon of cod liver oil (or the fishy balls if your child prefers them) we will not stop. These supplements provide the much needed omega 3's that your child is not getting elsewhere. And CLO has been mommies way of providing sufficient omega 3's for their children in traditional cultures for centuries. Remember from our blog on fats omega 3's are an essential component to optimal brain development. Trust us when we tell you that omega's are without question a necessary 'supplement' ;)

Probiotics - if your child will consume naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut daily then you're good. However we realize not all children will and that probiotics are how we keep your child's gut health strong. So if you aren't able to get fermented foods in your child's diet daily or they are suffering from any sort of GI issue then we always recommend a therapeutic grade multi-strain probiotic.

Vitamin D - we know it's one more. We wish we could skip over it and pretend we're not all deficient but the reality is that we need it. The sun will never cut it, no matter how much we're outside or where we live. Vitamin D deficiency is rampant and it's a powerful vitamin for immunity and brain health. Your child's bone growth is also dependent on Vitamin D because adequate Vitamin D is how calcium gets deposited into our bones.

We hope you noticed we only 'supplement' what isn't being supplied to your child in a Nutrient Dense Diet ;)

Xo Dani and Whitney