Stocking Stuffers

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Tis the season for hot cocoa, brisk morning walks, diffusing all the yummy citrus + pine essential oils, baby + puppy cuddles, cozy fires and picking out the most special gifts for the ones you love. We are celebrating the season by turning on our worship daily and basking in the marvel of our King who came as a babe in a manger. Recently I did some digging on where the tradition of stockings came from and I loved the story so thought I'd share!

Saint Nicholas of Myra was an early Christian bishop during the time of the Roman Empire. He was known for the miracles he performed along with random acts of kindness and his over the top generosity. He is also who the popular fictional Santa Claus character stems from. One story about him says there were three sisters who were going to be sold as prostitutes because their parents had no dowery for them. When Saint Nick heard of this he threw three bags of gold into their home through the window which landed in their shoes and stockings by the door. It was enough money for each of the girls not to be sold into prostitution but rather to be able take husbands of their own. Thus the tradition of stockings at Christmas was born!

Today we celebrate by filling stockings full of things we know our loved ones might need but also may want ;) Here is a list of our favorite healthy + fun stocking stuffers!

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For Littles:

- Strawberry toothpaste (no added sugars or fluoride)

- Shampoo + Conditioner (so gentle and has never hurt my kids eyes)

For Mom:

- Sweet Rose Tulsi Tea (adaptogenic tea to help with calm)

- The BEST smelling hand sanitizer ever

- Lemon Vanilla Lotion Bar (hydrating + comes in the cutest little box)

For Dad:

- Matcha Peach Collagen Packs (extra bio-available protein on the go)

- Orange Spice Soap Bar

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For Littles:

-Primally Pure baby balm (doubles as a growing belly + nipple balm)

For Mom:

-Rose Quartz Ridged Roller (feels amazing + tones ands tightens!)

-Lip Balm Set (love this lip balm made with 5 real food ingredients + essential oils)

-Lemongrass Deodorant (if you are going to make one switch to non-toxic skincare your deodorant should be it!)

For Dad:

-Charcoal Deodorant (all natural and actually works)

-Primally Pure mini beard oil pack (2 yummy scents to nourish, tame + hydrate)

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For Littles:

-Eco Kids Art Products (non-toxic doughs, crayons and finger paints)

-Dang Sea Salt + Caramel Chips (simply made with coconut these are yummy and full of good fats)

- SmartSweets Gummies (low in sugar, high in fiber and the healthiest we've found yet!)

For Mom:

- Hu Chocolate Bars (So yummy + dairy free + emulsifier free + soy lecithin free)

- Cacoco Drinking Chocolate (simple + pure)

For Dad:

-Biodynamic Wine (highest industry standards + full of resveratrol)

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For on-the-go Mom + Dad:

- Travel Matcha Set

Xo Dani and Whitney