Summer Skincare!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

After these long summer days out in the sun our skin deserves + needs some tender loving care. We can not reiterate enough how important it is that the products we put on our skin are clean + green, as we like to call it. The skin is one of the most absorbent systems in your body and the largest! So those toxins in your skincare products sneak their way into your littles body. It's our job to make sure they are not in their first place! Read more on toxins in our last blog series.

Safer sunscreen matters immensely. Countless toxins reach their way into our bodies through sunscreen and some of the most carcinogenic chemicals are found in the active ingredients used in these 'skin protective' products. Please take great care to be sure your littles sunscreen doesn't contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and avobenzone. Most do and most moms don't know how truly detrimental they could be. The biggest problems with these chemicals are the lack of testing and hence the lack of safety, these chemicals are thought to disrupt the endocrine system; categorized as 'endocrine disrupters' literally. That means they mess with your child's hormonal balance; not a thing to mess with during such susceptible young years. Plus carcinogens are cancer contributing; stay clear of them. Not convinced? Read more here.

We couldn't rave more about Beautycounter sunscreen! Beautycounter is committed to making products that not only work but are safe for you + your littles. They have been creating the gold standard in the personal-care industry since they launched, omitting 1800+ ingredients that are 'questionable' and each ingredient goes through rigorous testing before it is used in any of their products. The sunscreen comes in a stick, cream or spray so is perfect for kids + adults alike. The sunscreens are waterproof + don't leave a white residue and truly nourish + hydrate your skin. We love them!

We also love pure + plain shea butter as it is deeply nourishing to dry, cracked skin and especially great for those with more sensitive skin since it's fragrance free. Perfect for baby's first lotion and great for anyone with eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.

That end of a long day bath time also should also be toxin free! We know there are a million amazing clean products out there but we love Ruby Blue Bunny products for littles; shampoo + wash doubles as bath soap and conditioner + detangler is great for that post beach ruly hair.

For those traveling or camping and finding bug bites all over your littles choose a non toxic bug spray like this one from Greenerways Organic or this from Primally Pure.

You can browse all our favorites for skin care under our Clean + Green section on our Fullscript. Mom's we have a Beauty Care section too just for you :)

Xo Dani and Whitney