The Breastaurant

It's truly a miracle that your body becomes the 'breastaurant' that nourishes and grows our precious little ones. We are your biggest cheerleaders when it comes to breastfeeding. Our goal is to educate and support you + your baby through the beauty + challenges that come with this often daunting task. We know first hand it is not always easy but it is worth it.

I read on someone else's IG feed last week (a prenatal specialist btw) that no matter what you eat it does not affect your breastmilk...

I was appalled. Stunned. Upset, and even a little bit angry.

Why? Because it's just not true. It's flat out not true and your baby gets one start to life, one chance at optimal brain development, one opportunity for a strong immune system and a fully functioning nervous system. The truth matters, especially in this.

What is true:

-The fatty acid composition of breastmilk is dependent on the mother's diet, it has been shown time and time again that the amount + type of fats in breastmilk is directly affected by the dietary intake of fats in the mother's diet, in particular with DHA, EPA and AA, review why these fats matter here (Kelishadi R, et al 2012; Kim H, et al 2017)

-One study found that harmful fats will show up in breast milk (Chen Zy, 1997)

-Trans fat altar the overall quantity of fats in breastmilk by reducing in particular omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (Innis SM, King DJ 1999; Szabó E, et al 2007)

-Diets without adequate and sufficient omega 3's will produce breastmilk without adequate amounts of EPA + DHA as our bodies do not make these fats on their own (Kuiper KS, et al 2005)

-Other nutrients like b12, magnesium, zinc, iodine and choline have been found to be deficient based on the mother's dietary intake (Sophie G, et al 2012 and Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care, 2005)

-This review of current literature calls breastmilk conditionally perfect because findings continuously show nutritional deficiencies mom has will be passed on into deficiencies in breastmilk (Erik M, 2018)

Your baby is worth it mom, so give it your all. No mom should ever feel guilt about being unable to breastfeed, giving it your best is all that matters. We know there are circumstances and situations in which nursing isn't possible. If you experienced challenges when it came to breastfeeding then tell another pregnant women now to do everything she can to prepare ahead of time for those challenges.

We recommend our Postpartum Package to moms anywhere in the 2 year post baby window of time. But if you are pregnant you will do best to get our package at least a month before your due date so that you can be well prepared.

What our Package has for every breastfeeding momma:

-Handout with foods for breastmilk (like a shopping guide)

-Multiple recipes, you will love our 'Creamtop + Golden Milkmakers'; soaked oats, homemade long simmered bone broth; with additional recipes incorporating bone broth + galactagogues

-Our tips for colic/reflux and other 'Tummy Troubles', in which I have seen the foods nursing mom eats makes a huge difference (even more than the ones she doesn't eat)

-'Nursing Difficulties' so that nothing holds you back! Protocols for preventing + beating mastitis, clogged ducts and cracked nipples are included there

-Why the 'Breast is Best' and just some everyday nursing tips from mom to mom, all Whit there ;)

Our Package is without a doubt made for moms who only make a pitstop at the 'breastuarant' or bypass it altogether. We've included our recommendations for the best formulas + supplements for babies consuming formula.

If you are bringing a little one into this world or you know someone who is don't let them miss out on everything we cover in our package on the 'breastaurant'.

Xo Dani and Whitney