The Early Days!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Contrary to today's modern times, in most traditional cultures the first 30 to 40 days after a women had given birth were considered a sacred time. It was a time when the mother got to be nurtured by the ones closest to her and space was created for an everlasting bond with her new little one. These traditions vary from culture to culture but a few things holds true across the globe; the new mom was always given what that culture believed to be the most nutrient dense foods (often warming and easily digestible) along with time to process what she had just gone through emotionally + physically. There were often rituals performed including warming herbal baths, massage and teas infused with galactagogues for milk production for healing + restoration. The new mother usually did not leave her home or even her bedroom until she was ready and able to enter the world with confidence (Weston A Price Foundation).

In today's modern world it's often looked down upon to not be up and about right after giving birth. After having my first daughter Bryar I was fortunate enough to be able to take these practices to heart, I listened to my midwives and spent almost a full week entirely in bed. Only two weeks after that did I actually leave my home and only for dr appointments or short neighborhood walks. One of the first official outings we had as a family was for a dear friends birthday party when Bryar was 5 weeks old. I remember telling a women who I had just met that it was our first time as a family officially out in public, rather then a "that's wonderful" I was met with "goodness that's a little ridiculous my daughter was out and about a week after having her son". Now, I do not blame this women because this is what our culture tells moms all day long; 'how quickly can you get back in your pre-baby jeans, 3 months should be sufficient', 'your gonna bounce back so quickly!', 'how soon can you come back to work?', so why would she think any different? But today moms are also left fighting for maternity leave, exhausted, overwhelmed, and often suffer from depression and anxiety. Dani and I are advocates for rest and believe this time can and should look different. We know that there are many different factors associated with PPD; we also know that hormones drop quickly and these chemical changes along with mom not getting adequate rest can contribute to physical + mental exhaustion which are often contributors to PPD (National Institute of Mental Health).

We know not everyone can stay in their house for 40 days, you might have busy toddlers and a husband who needs to be back to work only days after the delivery, but mom do your best to set up a support system for those early days. People love to help when they can, so let them help you! It's okay to say 'I can't do it all and I need help'. Take your friends or relatives up on picking up your older kids from school + bringing you meals. Please, get that well deserved postpartum massage! The way you nurture yourself now will have lasting effects on your health that can carry even into even your menopausal years. We have worked with countless women struggling with adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, etc that we believe could have largely been avoided if they had better perinatal care.

Our Postpartum Package gives mom the tools she needs to navigate the early days. We go over everything from healing the perineum, that scary first BM, our recommendations for rest and rejuvenation, healing foods, increasing breastmilk production, nutritional protocols for PPD + PPA + Insomnia, common nursing difficulties like mastitis and clogged ducts, under + over production and cracked nipples. And that's just the start! This package walks mom + little through their first two years together. With an entire section devoted to nourishing baby + getting you back to you. Best of all we are your advocates, the ones rooting for you + your little's health, and the sounding voice saying 'its okay' to say 'no'. We always love to hear from our Happy Healthy Little mom's and we are here to answer questions + give the support each new mother needs.

Xo Dani and Whitney