The Microbiome

When you're healthy + your gut is thriving and you have over 100 trillion microorganisms from 500-1000 different species (depending on who you're asking) that make up the 4lbs of bacteria that weigh in as your 'microbiome'. These beneficial bacteria reside largely in your intestines aiding in the digestive processes that allow your body to actually absorb the nutrition you consume. They also aid in your body's ability to produce b vitamins , vitamin K and enzymes! They'll also help keep you + your little as healthy as possible, considering that 80 percent of our immune system resides in our guts.

Your baby is entirely sterile in your womb and only begins the process of first being exposed to bacteria (good + bad) once they pass through your vaginal canal. What happens though if our mommas don't have thriving levels of good bacteria? What happens if they're some bad bugs? Or yeast? What happens if our littles don't pass through the vaginal canal? These are all pertinent questions for us to be asking as they all shape the microbiome of our next generations of littles. There is no guilt in having a c-section and your baby can absolutely have healthy gut flora just like the baby delivered vaginally, but with all littles this beautiful process of establishing + inoculating healthy gut flora requires some care + attention.

As mom breastfeeds baby continues this process of establishing good bacteria not only in their tummy but also ear canals, nasal pathways, eyes and throat. The more we work to help inoculate good bugs the more we prevent recurrent infections in all these areas. We understand that some moms choose not to or can't breastfeed. These littles can still eventually establish healthy gut flora but formula fed babies will need some additional support in this process.

So how do we give our littles the best change at healthy gut flora? Your answer is found is laying the foundation from the very start through a nutrient dense diet with fermented foods + additional probiotic supplementation. Because our babies gut health stems so much from momma's, we must support the microbiome of our moms while pregnant + nursing. We also have a specific protocol outlined in our Prenatal Package on how to inoculate your vaginal canal with good bacteria for babies big debut. Then of course we continue the discussion on diet + supplementation for nursing mommas and formula fed babies in our Postpartum Package.

If you'll let us we'd love to help shape your little's microbiome for the better ;)

Xo Dani and Whitney