Traveling With Littles

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Today I'm sharing *everything* the health conscious mom needs to know when traveling with littles! With these nutrition, supplementation, packing and airport tips you can make traveling fun + healthy not just for yourself but your entire family.

Traveling With Littles

After spending 5 months on the road, visiting 2 countries + 6 cities, I experienced first hand that toting little ones around can be overwhelming and doesn't exactly scream 'peaceful'. There are many things you can do though to make it an easier, healthier and therefore happier experience.

1. Prepare your nutrition!

Preparation is KEY. You'll be quite happy at the airport and onboard your flight when you have prepared with plenty of snacks + quality food. Littles seem to always be hungry and travel days make no difference in their appetite ;) I suggest investing in a quality insulated lunch bag (like this one) that can keep y0ur food + supplements cold for hours. Pack one meal you know will fill tummies, isn't too messy and makes everyone happy. I find that if I have one quality meal we can usually figure out another if necessary, but just having snacks will never be enough. My family usually opts for sandwiches made on whole wheat sourdough with ingredients that hold up well; grass-fed cheese, sprouts, cucumber + mustard. I also bring an avocado that is sliced in half and use a spoon to add onto the sandwich once we're ready to eat. Almond butter + fruit juice sweetened jam would work well too. Snacks are critical to everyone's happiness, choose those that are easy to pack + carry. We love the veggie packs + grain-free puffs from Serenity Kids (15% discount code happyhealthylittles), nut butter packs, grass-fed beef jerky, dried fruit from Sun + Swell (it's the best ever - 25% discount code healthysnacks) and hardy fresh fruit like apples + tangerines. I love bringing a few tea bags on the plane (what they offer will most likely not be organic), it's an easy way to boost your immune system and the stewardess will always give you hot water.

2. Supplements: what you NEED + want.

The best tip for supplements is only bring what you need. I find it stressful and a huge hassle to pack multiple bottles. That said, I literally can't go without some of my supplements so I organize them before the trip and bring exactly what I need in a pill dispenser. Probiotics are the only supplement I keep in their own bottle and always in a cold insulated lunch pack until we get to our destination. There are a few other supplements I always bring when we travel, these include; Melatonin (to help little ones sleep when we are adjusting to a new time zone), Kyolic (to keep mom + dad's immune system strong), Echinachea Propolis Throat Spray (because I swear it always keeps us from getting sick and I make everyone use it the entire travel day) + Activated Charcoal (when we are traveling to 3rd world countries you never know when acute diarrhea will strike so be prepared!). You can find all our recommendations with dosage + favorite brands here!

3. Non-toxic travel tips for keeping it clean.

First, you absolutely need a quality hand sanitizer. We love the one from Primally Pure that is made with grape alcohol, aloe vera juice and immune boosting essential oils (10% discount code happyhealthylittles). I make my littles use it through out the flight as you normally would. I also spray it on our baby wipes and use the sanitizer sprayed wipes to wipe down the airplane trays, seat dividers, etc. Second, I always make sure my kids nails are cut short and clean before a travel day as it's hard to keep their hands out of their mouths + noses (so many germs love to live under their nails). Third, Gathre makes super lightweight + easy to clean changing mats (micro mats) that are the best for travel. Their super easy to wipe off + clean before and after you've laid your baby on for a diaper change. Lastly, make sure to always bring your toothpaste + tooth brushes in your carry on. If your kids are going to be sleeping on the plane or car it's really nice to be able to brush their teeth before bedtime.

4. Airport tips + tricks that are not about nutrition ;)

When our kids are 3 years plus we make them carry their own backpacks! I fill them with their water bottles, a few snacks, a sweater (since the plane is always cold) + Usborne Wipe-Clean books (the best for on the airplane!). We also let our big girls take their scooters through the entire airport which is the *BEST*. The floors are perfectly smooth for scooting and instead of us dragging them along we are doing our best to keep up with them (we have never had anyone tell us they can't scoot in the airport but I'm sure there is a first time for everything so keep this in mind)! I prefer to carry our youngest (1 years old) in an Ergobaby so I can be hands free. We've also brought strollers in the past which they will let you wheel up to the plane door then take beneath, so if that is easier for you - go for it.

Hope you find these travel tips useful!

Xo Whit

Girls on their scooters :)