We're Going for it Moms

Cancer. We all hate it. We hate even just hearing the word and we really hate it when it comes anywhere near our precious little ones. The reality is though, we can't change the fact that this awful, horrific disease does affect our children, even our babies and we have to start talking about it. We have to talk about what can be done and leave what can't be done behind us.

We can't change the fact that carcinogens (substances that are known to cause cancer) simply exist and that we, as people, have created many of them.

We can't change our toxic world, the environment and the countless chemicals we have put into our air + water. However, we can change the products we buy and use with our little ones, as well as the quality of food we purchase and feed them.

We can't change our genetics, but we can change how we support the genetic mutations we do carry through our diets, lifestyle + specific supplementation.

We can't change our genes or those of our children now but we can give our future babies the best chance at healthy genes by preparing our bodies in advance, long before conception, this is why Happy Healthy Littles is devoted to perinatal care which begins 2 years before you conceive. More on this when we come out with our Preconception Care Package in the new year of 2020.

We can't say if you do all that we are telling you that your children won't get cancer. We honestly wish we could. What we can say is the research is in on all of the above and we should at least know about it. Stay tuned, next few blogs to follow contain further info on all the mentioned topics.

Xo Dani and Whitney