Updated: May 23, 2019

Welcome to the Happy Healthy Littles blog!

So glad you found us! You are likely a very busy mom with a million things pulling for your attention so why read our blog? Because you care immensely about your child's health and so do we. Bottom line.

Happy Healthy Littles exist so that you as a mom can experience having a happy healthy little or many ;) The name says it all. It's why we created this business and why we write this blog. So your child can thrive!

What you can expect:

-more on Dani and Whitney, who we are and why we care so much about your child.

-little snippets on our favorites things; everything from our favorite ways to detox your home, the best water filters, and all the things nutrition of course!

-recipes and how to's; like kraut and bone broth to name a few.

-testimonials from momma's from Dani's Wholesome Practices days, along with the women who are now thriving in pregnancy + postpartum because of Happy Healthy Littles.

While our packages will focus on perinatal health at least for now, our blog will not. Happy Healthy Littles serves children of all pediatric ages so our blogs will cover topics ranging from nutrition for preconception to your teens health! Of course momma's needs will be addressed too, even dad's ;)

Because we care,

Xo Dani and Whitney