What about Mom?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Mom's tend to care about mom last. But mom's if you're down for the count who will tend to those sick littles?! We know dad's around but he might not have that nurturing + healing touch that you do when your littles need care themselves.

So lets talk about a little mom care cause you matter and your body undergoes such constant go-go-go as a mom that it's easy to get run down and find you're just not your best. That's when those colds get the best of ya and the entire family suffers.

Daily momma needs:

-Cod liver oil because your brain desperately needs omega's so you can focus, remember the thousands of things on your plate daily and feel hormonally balanced. If you can not stomach cod liver oil then use these to at least be getting sufficient omega's, but know that cod liver oil is better for your immune system and contains cholesterol which is a precursor to making those hormones that make you feel great.

-Methylated b vitamins in a full spectrum multi-vitamin or prenatal will help restore and replenish your vitamin b levels which are readily depleted under stress. What mom isn't a little stressed? Our prenatal is also recommended for moms who are nursing to get the right b vitamins for both baby + mom.

-Therapeutic grade probiotic containing multiple strains since most of your immunity is in your gut. If you are not taking our suggested probiotic then make sure you are consuming probiotic rich foods daily; sauerkraut, grass-fed kefir + yogurt, kombucha, etc.

-If you're a mom who tends to catch what your littles bring home then we recommend Sambucus daily through the winter. While other immune supportive supplements are not always safe for pregnant moms Sambucus is.

-If you are a tea drinker like us then you should absolutely be drinking Tulsi tea daily, which contains holy basil an adaptogenic herb that nourishes adrenals and supports immune health, using the Catalog on Fullscript you'll see our 'Tea Time' category where you can browse all the different flavors.

Now, since you can't stay down long if you end up with a cold, virus or flu we recommend having the following stocked in your medicine cabinet so you can get back up as soon as possible.

'Game Changers':

-Kyolic is one of the most effective immune supportive supplements I have ever used in practice, it's also safe while nursing and is invaluable if your breast-fed infants start up with cold symptoms. I do have moms who open a capsule and give it to their toddlers but it's a garlic supplement so it's the rare mom who can make it happen ;) this is without question the most important one you need have on hand at all times.

-This throat spray is incredible when you wake up with a sore throat or have that post nasal drip that irritates so relentlessly. If your littles will share their tea with you it'll help break up all that mucous and feel very soothing, especially with honey and lemon.

Xo Dani and Whitney