What your cravings may be telling you!

Updated: May 23, 2019

Did you know the cravings you might be experiencing on a daily basis can actually be your body's way of communicating a deficiency to you? It's no wonder that cravings hit big time in pregnancy considering your body needs much more nutrition to nourish not only you but the life that is forming inside of you (more on that in our Prenatal Nutrition Package!).

Below is a list of common cravings people may experience and the nutritional deficiency that could be the answer to why they are having these cravings. And how to ease them ;) We've also included the foods we recommend consuming to make sure your body is getting these nutrients in the most bio-available form.

1. A craving for chocolate or acidic foods can actually mean you really need magnesium (raw nuts + seeds, organic and non-GMO beans + legumes, organic dark leafy greens and dried fruit such as prunes, apricots and dates)

2. If you are craving sweets you may be deficient in chromium (organic broccoli, grass-fed cheese, pasture raised egg yolks and chicken and organic non pearled barley)

3. Oily snacks or fatty foods means you may be deficient in calcium (grass-fed dairy, mustard greens, kale or collards cooked in ghee or butter please, broccoli and non-GMO legumes)

4. Salty foods may mean you are deficient in chloride (goat milk dairy, wild fish, unrefined celtic sea salt or pink himalayan)

5. Alcohol can mean you often need more protein (grass-fed meat, pasture raised poultry + eggs, wild seafood, grass-fed dairy and collagen)

Understanding what nutrients you may be deficient in is helpful but it can also feel like it's too late if you are caught with a crazy craving and all you want is junk food... and now! You feel us?! So our suggestion is to make the best choice possible with the craving you are experiencing. Here are some fun HHL examples:

1. Chocolate - make it quality and dark. Look for a chocolate high in cacao, greater than 70% is our recommendation, even better are brands that use only natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar or stevia. We especially like HU and Lily's. Or consider making something like this Dark Chocolate Protein Powder a regular go to at home for smoothies, then you always know you are getting your chocolate fix ;)

2. Acidic foods - sauerkraut or pickles will fill this need and are so nutritious loaded with probiotics!

2. Sweets - choose a full fat coconut milk ice cream or better yet make one at home. Use real ingredient such as full fat coconut milk, soaked cashews, fresh fruit, maple syrup, etc.

3. Oily snacks of fatty foods - eat a burger momma but make sure its with grass-fed beef + cheese and a sprouted wheat or sourdough bun, opt for lettuce wrap and freely devour those sweet potato fries ;)

4. Salty foods - if you are craving chips look for a brand that uses high quality oils such as coconut or avocado (these oils can handle high heat cooking without denaturing). We like the brand Jackson's Honest or Siete. Or make homemade popcorn with organic non-GMO corn and add plenty of melted butter and high quality unrefined salt.

Xo Whitney and Dani

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