Why our Package?

Our Prenatal Nutrition Package is designed with every mom and every baby in mind. It hits every nutrient we just reviewed and the countless ones we didn't get to ... yet ;)

Our package is based on a well balanced, nutrient dense protocol with both plant based + animal foods as well as the necessary + specific supplements. Our package is made for those with various dietary preferences and needs with special notes for vegetarians through out. The emphasis is on providing all the nutritional needs for optimal health for both mom and baby during this precious, passing time of pregnancy.

Our package provides you not only with what you need to do but why need to be doing it and how you are gonna make it happen your whole pregnancy through.We know moms need sound information. We also know moms need practical tips on how to apply information. So we designed our package with these very things in mind; videos, handouts, checklists and recipes within.

Our package is based on what the literature says but also on what I've experienced with countless pregnant women and babies. Practitioners will agree there is a significant difference at times between what the 'books' taught us and what we actually see when working with people. This is why you need to choose a practitioner with ample experience who's actually looked at the nutritional labs of pregnant women and babies. Who's followed women through pregnancy and nursing and then those same little ones through toddlerhood. You need the momma's who have actually done it and what you really need is a team that you can trust.

We'd tell you, you can trust us, since I just spent the last 6+ years of my practice doing this, and Whitney has the two happy healthy littles to show for it, but hey we'd rather let you decide for yourselves.

It's all in our Prenatal Nutrition Package ladies and if you're not pregnant, tell a mom who is or better, gift her our package.

Xo Dani and Whitney