Why Our Postpartum Package

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

There is so much information available to us; on the internet, flooding your IG feed, mom-to-mom, what the latest book says, what your mother-in-law says, what the talk show host says and the list goes on and on. So why choose Happy Healthy Littles Postpartum Package to guide you through your first two years of motherhood with everything regarding nutrition for mom + baby?

First and foremost, we care. We care about your unborn child, your just born child and yourself tremendously. We believe that health is wealth and the only way for us to live in a functioning + thriving society is for us to remain mentally + physically healthy. Of course this looks different for everyone, in today's broken world there is much out of our control, but if you could give yourself + your littles the best shot at optimal health wouldn't you do it? We hope you find our package brings you a peace that surpasses understanding.

Second, we've lived it! Dani has literally worked with 100's of moms + babies in her practice. And can tell you that what a book says or what google suggests isn't always the way it is in real life. Her knowledge comes not only from nutrition school, countless books, lectures + conferences, but also from seeing what actually works and what doesn't with face to face moms + littles daily for the last seven years. Whitney has had two babies of her own and has another on the way. She knows what it's like to be pregnant, to have morning sickness, to have anemia, to recover from pregnancy, to breastfeed + introduce solids and to get herself feeling like herself again. Together we have created packages with all the information you would need to guide + nurture yourself + your little one in such a sacred time. The information we provide is concise, straight to the root of the issue at hand, very digestible (no pun intended) and easy to utilize. You also have access to your package for a lifetime because hello #mombrain.

Our postpartum package is made for both mom + baby, walking you through the first two years of life together. The package is broken up into The Early Days, Healing + Nourishing Momma, Feeding + Fueling Baby and back to mom again with Now You're Feeling the Marathon! It includes 8 recipes for mom + 8 recipes for baby, topical teaching videos throughout on issues such as nursing, PPD/PPA, colic and adrenal fatigue, checklists for moms postpartum needs, Healing Foods handout, and Baby's First Solids handout (what to introduce + when from 5 months to one year).

Best of all it's incredibly affordable. For only $99.99 you are getting what you would in over 10 consults! That would cost $990 to give you an idea :) We've said it once and will say it again it's really all in the packages mom. If you are pregnant or postpartum our packages are for you! But don't take our word for it, dig in and find out for yourself!

Written from one momma who uses them for the next ;)

Xo Dani and Whitney