Why Supplements and How To Use Fullscript

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We wish that food alone could sufficiently provide our bodies and that of our growing children with adequate nutrition. But unfortunately if our goal is optimal health, it just isn't so. Our food has far less nutrition than it used to even 50 years ago, we've depleted our soils and been raising our livestock in horrific ways for too many decades. Besides genetic mutations that are being increasingly passed down are best supported through specific supplementation.

We understand the supplement industry has become a huge money maker and many supplements on the grocery store shelf add little value to the consumer (and some can actually do you harm if you're not careful). Thankfully we are here to help you navigate through what you and your children really need and where you should be getting it. Most practitioner grade supplement companies, like Designs for Health or Pure Encapsulations, to name a few of our favorites require the practitioner to sign agreements saying that we will never sell these products online through other web browsers. They want to ensure their clients get the 'real deal' and unfortunately its to hard to trust all online retailers. The goal is to keep supplements going straight to the client from the practitioner. So how can we offer you access to the highest quality supplements shipped straight to your door?

Welcome Fullscript. Not a third party seller where the integrity of the product can be of question but an online dispensary where the products are guaranteed from the companies who actually make them. It's like Whitney and I carrying the supplements and selling them directly to you, only it's online and ships to your front door in a matter of just a few days. And we can focus our energy elsewhere ;) like giving you access to more information on this blog!

We invite you to explore our Fullscript by creating an account with your name, email and a password. Done. It's really that simple. Once you have created an account you will now be able to click on any of the supplements listed on our supplement page or in future blogs and it will automatically take you to the product on your account. Because we love moms + littles so much we have listed for you all of our favorite supplements by category on the left side of the home page under Dispensary Categories, like 'Baby's Basic Needs', 'Little's Immune' just to name a few.

So please, jump on board mom and start using the highest quality supplements for you and your family.

Xo Dani and Whitney