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Dani Rhoades, NC


Dani is a certified Nutrition Consultant with 9 years experience practicing prenatal nutrition. Her practice began in pediatrics but took a turn backwards from pediatric care all the way to preconception care. Prevention is at the very heart of her care which is how she went from pediatrics to couples preconception. She saw too many littles struggling with a myriad of health issues and witnessed, quite literally, how implementing holistic nutrition as early as you can makes for a happy + healthy little one. Plus keeps mom thriving through her childbearing years. This is how she ended up here; compiling everything from 9 years of professional experience with thousands into online nutrition *packages* that you have access to for a lifetime. HHL packages come with Dani + Whit, so when the questions arise you no longer need Google to further confuse you. Whatever stage you're in we've got you covered from preconception to prenatal to postpartum to post child bearing altogether.



Whitney Eves, NTC


Whitney is a mom and certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant. As a child she suffered chronic ear + sinus infections that relentlessly followed her into her 20's. She was always on antibiotics which eventually wreaked havoc on her gut. She tried everything but it wasn't until she radically changed her diet that she was able to heal her gut and restore her health. Flash forward 7+ years and she was witnessing how Dani was helping 100s of families experience happy + healthy little ones from the start. She knew her own babies stories could be different than her own and she was determined to make that a reality. She worked with Dani and each of her girls thrived. Whitney's mission became to take Dani's care beyond their small town all the way to the nations. Both women and their littles deserve to have the most optimal and vibrant health. In 2019 Dani + Whit teamed up to create Happy Healthy Littles - today this care is going out all over the globe!

Together we’re the perfect combination of private practice + personal experience. Don't just take our word for it. Our Packages have helped countless, let us help you!


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