Sourdough Bread

Learn from professional baker Jenna Cohen how to make whole grain gluten free sourdough + 100% whole wheat sourdough in your own kitchen.

✔ Learn from Jenna in her straight forward and easy to follow teaching videos that walk beside you each step of the bread baking process.

✔ Educate yourself all about sourdough in The Sourdough Story + Sourdough Dictionary handouts. This is about beauty, tradition and health! 

✔ Detailed tutorials that make it easy! Let Jenna teach you how to become a sourdough master with her detailed + step-by-step handouts.

✔ Enjoy Whole Grain Sourdough often knowing you are nourishing yourself + littles with the best

✔ Fun Discard Recipes!

Gluten-Free + Whole Wheat Recipes
  • 100% whole grain 

  • no refined flours

  • no nasty oils

  • no refined sugars 

  • made with simple quality ingredients, the way we should be eating bread!

  • traditional methods used for centuries 

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"Loving this gluten free sourdough course! Jenna's PDFs are so helpful and her videos are amazing! Made two loaves this week."
- Jennie H.