Specialized Nutrition for Multiples

Twins Prenatal + Postpartum
Two month old, boy and girl fraternal twin babies. They are sleeping and swaddled together

Learn from Dani Rhoades NC how to nutritionally support yourself + the two little ones inside! 

✔ Having Twins? It can feel terrifying and exciting all at the same time to find out there's not just one heartbeat but two! We're here to remove all the fear and replace it with confident joy.

✔ Understand the incredible nutritional demand that twins place on your body and the common concerns that arise from carrying multiples.

✔ Feel empowered that you can and will meet that demand daily with our Daily Nutritional Needs checklist!

✔ Learn how to best support the developement and growth of each baby in your womb with optimal nutritional supplements + diet.

✔ Gain access to our best kept tips for eating well when there's two growing babies in your belly - or more!

✔ Keep your body free of the ails + complications from postpartum depletion by fueling well throughout your entire pregnancy and continuing into the 4th trimester!

✔ When babies are born learn how to meet the further nutritional demand, yes nursing requires more nutrition daily than even pregnancy does!

✔ Begin with our Prenatal Package, or better our Prenatal + Postpartum Bundle then you'll receive a Package Delivery email with the half off code for this Twins 'add on'!

✔ Get started devouring everything so that you thrive these 9 months of carrying multiples and soar when your babies are born!

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“I loved using the prenatal package with my twin pregnancy! The recipes are delicious and practical. I felt well, nourished, and confident I was doing the best I could by following the advice from Dani & Whitney. It worked because I had a perfect homebirth at 38 weeks! I am loving the new add on for breastfeeding my twins as well!"
-Nicole T.