*NEW* Packages for Well Woman & Littles now published!

Well Woman Package

  • Made for women who are finished with their childbearing years and ready to be their best, most well and strengthened self.

  • Learn how to support your body through hormonal changes that come as women gracefully age.

  • Let us teach you why your adrenals are so critical to optimal health as a women and how to care for them!

  • Feel confident with our nutritional protocols for adrenal fatigue, hormonal balancing, nervousness/anxiety, depression, sleep issues, weight concerns, and gut issues like constipation, acid reflux, and loose or frequent bowels.

  • Prepare your body to soar through perimenopausal + menopausal times.

  • Get access tips for keeping your world clean and free of toxic overload - plus daily detoxification protocols!

  • Reference our 6 different daily meal plans as you go through different seasons of life.

  • Enjoy our favorite recipes for breakfast, snacks, treats, lunch + dinner!

  • Daily supplement handout for the highest quality and most targeted supplement support.


Littles Package

  • Our signature *Happy Healthy Littles* Package made for all littles ages 3+.

  • Perfect for the mom that wants to raise up happy healthy littles in this crazy world.

  • Understand where each of your littles needs targeted nutritional + specific supplemental support.

  • Learn how to nutritionally support your littles through digestive concerns like constipation, tummy aches and loose stool.

  • Gain confidence you have the tools to help nourish their developing brains, fuel their growing bodies, strengthen their immune systems and heal up their skin!

  • Utilize our recommendations for supporting little bodies through vaccines should you choose to do them as a mom.

  • Get access to our best kept grace filled tips for keeping sugar out of your littles diet.

  • Our favorites for 100% non toxic body products for even the most sensitive of skin.

  • Nutrient dense recipes every little will love and a daily meal plan every mom can benefit from.

  • Daily supplement handout so you can feel assured that what you're giving your littles is actually worth the money you're spending.


"HHL is a truly refreshing, up to date and easily accessible program to help make sure I'm taking care of myself and my lil babe every day. The videos are great and the recipes are yummy. Even though I have a vast knowledge in nutrition, Dani and Whitney break it down into bite sized pieces that my brain can handle when it's not firing on all cylinders."

- Carolyn G.