What's Inside

    1. A Million Different Stories

    2. Letter to the Moms

    3. Testing To Remove Guessing

    4. No More Guessing

    1. Unique Dietary Needs

    2. Nutrient Dense for Austistic Littles

    3. About Their Diet

    4. Carbs + Sugars

    5. Gluten + Casein

    6. The GAPs Diet

    7. GAPS Diet

    1. An Ideal Day

    2. Safest Swaps

    3. Probiotic Rich Breakfasts

    4. Lunchtime Favorites

    5. Dinners For A Better Night's Sleep

    6. A Treat They Will Love

    1. 'ABC' Supplements - The Basics

    2. Daily Supplements for Autistic Littles

    3. Supplement Mocktails

    4. MTHFR

    5. Glutathione

    6. Your Autistic Child's Tummy

    7. About Their Guts

    8. Helping Their Guts

    9. Those Darn Poops

    10. Plan to 'Clean Out' Their Guts

    11. Cleaning Out Their Guts

    12. Your Autistic Child's Brain

    13. Supporting Their Brains

    14. Assisting Their Sleep

    15. That Darn Eczema

    1. Highly Susceptible to Toxins

    2. A Clean Food Supply

    3. Vulnerable Littles Bodies

    4. Increase Their Antioxidants

    5. A Word About Vaccines

About this course

  • $249.99
  • 37 lessons

This Package is For

  • Moms who want to do anything + everything nutritionally they possibly can to help their child with Autism.

  • Moms who want to dig deeper into some of the concerns they're seeing in their littles.

  • Littles who struggle with any + all neurological concerns (nervousness, anxiety, panic, impulsivity, overly sensitive, depressed, moody).

  • Littles who struggle with any + all learning issues (speech delay, inattentiveness, learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD).

  • Littles with poor sleep habits both that don't fall asleep and that don't stay asleep.

  • Littles who struggle with chronic, severe or resistant gut issues (constipation, loose stool, diarrhea, bloating, gas, constant tummy aches, reflux).

  • Littles who struggle chronic, persistent skin issues (eczema + rashes).

Topics We'll Cover

  • Alternative type labs + tests your pediatrician won't offer you that can help identify underlying root 'causes' contributing to your little's struggles (OATS testing, Comprehensive Stool Study + IgG Food Sensitivity).

  • Multiple different dietary options + routes you can take with guidance on how to decide which one is right for your little + your family (Gluten + Casein Free, GAPS, specific nutrient dense for Autism).

  • The recipes, shopping guides + meal plan ideas so that you can make the dietary changes you've decided on actually work for your little ;)

  • A swaps handout so that you can start immediately making very simple changes that can still have a profound impact in your little's health (ranging from the good, better + best options).

  • The most important daily supplements + how to get your little to take them with our Supplement Mocktails.

  • How methylation + glutathione SNP's affect your little and how to support them nutritionally (MTHFR + GSTM genes).

  • The specific protocols we use to address each + every concern your little has (neurological, learning, sleep, gut + immunity).

  • How to gently support their detox pathways + get their world as green + clean as you can.

Start making the changes that could change your child forever.