Work with Dani

Great news, everyone. My nutrition care is now available online. You'll find everything you need in my six packages for growing families, specialized nutrition for twins and dads, lifetime discounts on practitioner-grade supplements, yummy add-ons, at home testing kits and more. To work with me and become a Happy Healthy Mom, there’s a few easy steps.

  • Select a Package. Happy Healthy Littles online nutrition packages are designed to educate you on everything You + your littles need based on your season of life. From preconception to post child bearing we’ve got your covered.

  • Sign up at Fullscript. You’ll gain access to Dani’s recommendations for supporting your family’s health through practitioner grade supplements, combined with a lifetime 15% discount and free shipping on every order over $50.

  • Choose Add Ons. Save 50% forever on Add-Ons, including smoothies + shakes, gluten-free sourdough, cultured dairy, fermented vegetables, real bone broth + more. We partnered with the experts to bring you the very best.

  • Order Testing Kits. We offer direct ordering on several integrative lab kits through Mosaic Labs (formerly Great Plains) such as stool analysis, food sensitivities, hormone panels and others.

More about Dani

Dani Marie Roy is a certified Nutrition Consultant with 10 years experience practicing prenatal + pediatric nutrition.

Dani's practice began in pediatrics but took a turn backwards to preconception. She saw littles struggling with a myriad of health issues, and witnessed firsthand how implementing holistic nutrition as early as possible makes for a happy + healthy little. Not surprisingly, the same habits keep mom thriving through her childbearing years. This is how Happy Healthy Littles began—with Dani and her team combining everything from her professional experience with thousands of families into digestible (pun intended) online nutrition packages you have access to for a lifetime.