• Some men will want to go through this on their own, others will eat + take anything you put in front of them and some will force you to sneak in wherever you can. Whatever level of nutritional care you man will allow you to offer him, do it :)

  • Use our meal plan to get your man eating more nutrient dense foods on a regular basis - and less junk. Since he probably grabs pizza or a sandwich often, at home let's get him consuming minimal refined flour, sugar + oil.

  • This manly package includes our protocols for digestive issues, nervousness + anxiety, heart health (a common concern amongst men) and weight loss.

  • Our extensive Detox Him In Secret tips + tricks will help you to support his detoxification pathways without him even knowing. None are difficult or burdensome.

  • When your doc recommends a colonoscopy is that all you should be doing to prevent colon issues? Is your regular lab panel enough? Give your husband the highest level of preventative care with our Beyond Western Medical Care handout.

What's Inside

    1. Letter from Dani

    1. Nutrient Dense for Him

    2. What He Might Eat in a Day

    1. Why Supplement Him

    2. Daily Supplements for Him

    3. Potty Humor Time

    4. Nerves, Stress + Mood

    5. Real Heart Health

    6. Weight Challenges

    7. Detox Him In Secret

    8. Beyond Western Medical Care

    1. His Body Products

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  • 12 lessons

Dig right in, since we know you care deeply about your man!