• This is our signature HHL package. Made for all Happy Healthy Littles ages 3+.

  • Easily spot and address certain areas your littles may need targeted nutritional or supplemental support.

  • Learn to fuel their growing bodies, nourish their developing brains, strengthen their immune systems and heal their skin.

  • Tackle issues like constipation, tummy aches and loose stool + get tips for keeping sugar out of your littles diet.

What's Inside

    1. What is a Happy Healthy Little?

    1. Nutrient Dense for Littles

    2. What They Eat in a Day

    3. They Love Them Carbs

    4. Plus Them Sweets

    5. Making the Swap

    6. All They Want is Sugar + Carbs

    1. Packed with Protein

    2. Milkshakes

    3. Snack Attack

    4. Dinners They Love

    1. Daily Supplements for Littles

    2. What They Take

    3. Top Notch Little Guts

    4. Smooth + Soft Skin

    5. Gut + Skin Connection

    6. Nourishing Neurotransmitters

    7. Growing Little Brains

    8. Mighty Immune Systems

    9. Those Darn Runny Noses!

    10. What About Those Extra Lb's

    1. A Clean Food Supply

    2. Clean Little Bodies

    3. Support through Vaccines

    4. Our Job is to Support Their Systems

About this course

  • $199.99
  • 25 lessons

Give your littles the nutrition they need to strengthen, blossom and grow.